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Posted by buyforexonline on August 26th, 2014

Flipping through the pages of a travel book transcends your imagination from the cozy corners of your room to the far flung wonders of the world. That’s the power of books – the most inexpensive means to travel through time and distance. While time and money can be biggest constraints to exploring international locations, a book plays a generous substitute. Nevertheless, a book cannot render the perfect dose of live experience;Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited enables you to bring out the explorer in youby helping you take a trip at reasonable budget and at maximum convenience with the prepaid travel card.

Here are some must-read travel books that are designed to bring out the wanderlust in even the most reluctant traveler:

Travels with Charley: In Search of America. Author: John Steinback- Steinback and his French poodle Charley set out to tour USA in a pick-up truck. His hints and traces of attitudes and events as they occur simultaneously reveal just to the great extent how American has transformed in the past five decades.

Venice. Author: Jan Morris- Of lagoons, gondolas and vaporettos – heres a modern, witty and ironic look at one of the most romantic and intriguing cities of the world.

Arabian Sands. Author: Wilfred Thesiger- Travel through the wild and vast stretches of the Arabian desertin the 1940s and come face to face with the Bedu and other indigenous desert tribes.
Among the Russians. Author: Colin Thuborn- Travel back to the last few years of the Soviet Union and unravel the zeitgeist of its time through iconography, architecture, a resilient people and their culture.

Wild Coast. Author: John Gimlette- The book takes you deep into a jungle stretched between the Amazon and Orinoco, replete with remote villages and forgotten runaway slaves.

On the Road. Author: Jack Kerouac- Get on the road and travel through the 1950s American landscape through a series of trips made by Kerouac and his friends from New York to Denver and from San Francisco to LA.

The Beach. Author: Alex Garland-  Travel to remote beaches of Thailand and experience their pristine beauty through the eyes of a backpacker seeking to find the purest coasts on earth.
Indeed, a travel book piques your senses, but nothing compares to the reality of experiencing a destination in the flesh.Read these words, but paint your own pictures. Start your travel planning now and make your trips hassle-free by getting thebest forex card in India, from, one of the most reliable and convenientForex dealers in India.

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