Player Listed New Features To Make FIFA 15 Better

Posted by coininfifa on August 26th, 2014

Do you have some ideas you want to add to Fut Coins to make it better? We do have some. And today we will continue to bring you with the other five new features we want to make FIFA 15 better. Take a close look first.

FIFA PS3 Coins . There is nothing more dramatic in football than a disallowed goal. In FIFA , a player in an offside position will be immediately flagged up. 10 times out of 10, if you’re offside, it’s a free-kick to the opposition. But if referees were more fallible and were capable of making mistakes in 15, such instances might go unnoticed. We want EA to add controversies to the series, by allowing goals to stand even if they were scored from an offside position.

A more pressurized penalty environment based on heart rate. Is there a more stressful experience in football than watching your team take a penalty? For the players actually taking the penalty, the stress must be worse still. Yet the FIFA series doesn’t adequately do justice to just how pressure-filled these moments are. A number of video games in the past have deployed a heart rate monitor which dictates how well your perform in stressful situations. If EA did something similar, taking a penalty would be all that more of a challenge.

Create a Stadium. The FIFA series has a long list of fully licensed stadiums from across all of Europe’s major leagues. But there are so many notable omissions. Create a stadium, let the fans lovingly recreate White Hart Lane with a tool kit that allows them to choose all the fine details from the advertising hoardings and size of the stands through to the color of the seats, the capacity and name of the stadium itself.

Create a kit. It would be a similarly fantastic addition to the series. EA need to let us modify kits. Every season teams like Manchester United unveil a new home, away and third choice strip in varying colors, patterns. If EA gave us an editing tool that allowed us to create a kit, or even just edit their colors, they would be giving the game more longevity.

Trophy celebrations, though they has it but they are truly horrible. If EA can replicate the glorious moment a team wins a trophy in the World Cup versions of their games, why are we still waiting for a realistic trophy presentation in the FIFA franchise?

Runescape 2007 Gold must state that all these features are just what we want EA to add into FIFA 15, not they officially announced. So take it easy, it is just our ideas. You should only take a look.

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