Tips to Choose a Good Call Center Dialer

Posted by Aaeesha on August 27th, 2014

Call centers play a huge role towards most people’s daily affairs today. If you own a cell phone or usually purchase consumer products you will notice a toll free customer cell number available. These numbers can be utilized and called when the customer requires additional information related to the product or service. In addition to inbound call centers, you find also many firms hiring out-bound call centers to help with telemarketing. This involves call center representatives calling a list of potential customer numbers and presenting certain offers for different products and services. Since manual calling can be tiresome and slow, the use of call center PBX systems is necessary for all outbound call centers to function economically and profitably.

What to expect from a good call center dialer?

•Saving on time during the dialing process
Dialing takes up a lot of time, and long distance calls take even longer to dial since there are more digits to punch into the dialer. Adding to this is the constant problem of the call center representatives making dialing errors which result in them calling the wrong person or needing to repeat the entire dialing process. Put together, you find that the dialers will help a call center save up to 80% of the time used to make a single call which means the equipment helps increase the number of calls made per day by between 3 to 5 times depending on the dialer speed and the number of digits to be entered to make a call.

•Dialers should be capable of recording and saving audio
While weighing your options, it is also important to make sure that the call center dialer you intend on buying is capable of recording conversations while in use. This is a very important function the dialer must have since it helps the call center representative record the conversation, allowing it to be played back at a later stage if required. The recordings help collecting quality assessment samples to help and improve call center trainers and can also be used to help recollecting orders and information given over the phone since call center representatives are trained to avoid repeatedly asking the client to repeat their order or requirements and also help to resolve any disputes.

•Capable of delivering high quality
Clarity is another very important factor which must be observed when selecting the call center dialers. This is because certain brands may experience static interference which results in making the calls very unclear. For this reason you should invest only on high quality call center PBX systems which deliver high quality sound, ensuring both the executive and client can hear each other crystal clearly on every call.

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