Barcelona responded FIFA penalties: La Masia is the best model

Posted by fifaplay on August 27th, 2014

Recently, Fut Coins announced through the official website of the La Liga giants Barcelona [ microblogging ] impose sanctions prohibit trade players, time is 14 months, which is two transfer windows, on the grounds that at the time of signing the player in breach of Rule U18. Barca statement lists 14 points through the official website, I hope FIFA will reconsider.

Barcelona would like to make the following statement:

1, according to a statement released by FIFA, the Spanish Football Federation has approved the transfer of these young players.

2, Barcelona such a situation is to protect the interests of the young players, the protection they can get qualified training, which is the purpose of the establishment of Barcelona 's La Masia.

3, Lamaxiya combines education, accommodation, catering, health and other aspects, to meet the children's needs and sport development programs. Before considering the relevant provisions of the FIFA, Barcelona has completed the construction of youth training mode, ignoring the efforts of FIFA's punishment Barcelona in this regard.

4, All the Barcelona players have the required entry permits league, any time you can race.

5, Some of the players affected by FIFA ruling Catalunya Team had been called up for the race.

6, After the beginning of the implementation of the relevant provisions of the FIFA, the affected players were recovered license did not participate in the race, so these players are not inconsistent with provisions of the act.

7, Barcelona did not violate any law, all children are playing Lamaxiya legal residents of Spain.

8, For the future of young players being suspended FIFA considerations, Barca want to allow them to continue training at La Masia, Barcelona they will not participate.

9, Barca players did not violate FIFA rules.

10, Barcelona to FIFA had repeatedly made various proposals to modify the requirements for a variety of situations, the purpose is to make the rules more effective.

11, Barcelona's model of development to get over FIFA 's praise, Lamaxiya be treated as a model for youth.

12, Barcelona's youth academy players repeatedly nominated Golden Globe, FIFA recognition of our youth and facilities.

13, Barcelona's youth academy mode is not separated from their families, their families into the community.

14, Only Cataluny, there are about 15,000 underage players from overseas, however, according to FIFA rules, they are not meet the registration requirements.

Barca on the announcement last wrote: " For these reasons, may appeal to Barcelona Barcelona FIFA FIFA hopes to take temporary measures to protect the interests of the club, including access to the power of the transfer window to sign players. "

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