Dowel Pins for Precise Maintenance of Machine Components in Alignment

Posted by syteccoltd on August 27th, 2014

Taking a smooth ride is a fabulous experience, provided that your vehicle is running fast and swift without any hiccups on roads. It is assured by the proper functioning of the various automotive parts and whether they are fixed precisely at the exact position, otherwise chances of accidents are probable. There is more to focus upon when checking the performances of auto parts; and one major focused area is to test out the alignments and tight fixtures of these parts.

Hardened shaped dowel pins are used to maintain the varied machine components in the right alignment. Assorted shapes of dowel pins are manufactured by a number of automotive companies, of which SY TEC Co., Ltd., a dowel pin manufacturer in Korea  deserves a special mention. Based in Korea, the company is known for its perfect engineering and superior quality. It offers a range of dowel pins and lock pins, which appear in many measurements as per the requirements. 

Explaining Dowel Pins

A dowel pin used in automotive parts is made out of stainless steel and is accurately shaped for applying them as location guides for the adjacent automotive parts. The idea is to maintain two sections of die and punch in absolute alignment. Its’ interesting and unique applications are ensured by enhancing their capabilities by customizing them as per the demands of projects.

Functions of Dowel Pins

These precisely location devices applied in automotive machines are engineered to tight tolerances. The diameters of the pins vary, one may have a smaller diameter compared to its hole to allow it to freely slip in; while another many have a larger diameter to allow it press tightly into its hole. For instance, SY TEC Co., Ltd., a pioneer of automotive parts manufacturer in Korea proposes many sizes, such as, dowel (used for 2 step grinding) of 9.545 to 9.520 x 36.00 L, 33.503 x 16.00 L, 10.997 x 24.00 L, 10.51 x 14.00 L and Lock pin of 5 x 31 L measurements.

If no dowel pins are applied for alignments, then the presence of even the minute variation in component alignment can bring a huge difference. In vehicles, dowels are significantly used when there is need for precise mating alignment. The application of dowel pins is mostly found in engines, gear casings and transmissions. Just like dowels, bolts have a similar and most inevitable function for resisting shear forces; which is a common phenomenon to happen during car accidents or huge thrusts. When bolts are used in addition to dowel pins, it renders tighter tolerances of the dowels along with their mating holes. This results into lesser play or variations, thus giving tighter alignment to the various vehicle parts. The added advantage of this mechanical precision is that manufacturing costs play inversely to mechanical tolerances, thus encouraging engineers to maintain a balance between the need for mechanical accuracy against cost.

Undeniably, dowel pins have an indispensable role in aligning mechanical components; and so to avail the varied measurements of dowel pins, it is important to research the market and make the best choice. SY TEC Co., Ltd., has it for you with a number of choices for dowel pins and its clear cut functioning.

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