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Posted by adairsawyer on August 27th, 2014

Rhodes is an island in Greece which is situated at the eastern end of the Aegean Sea. It is famous for the Colossus of Rhodes and its clear water beaches making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The best beaches in Rhodes are Tsambika, Kallithea, Ladiko, Lindos, Faliraki, Afandou, Ixia, Agathi and many more. The island of Rhodes owes its beauty and serenity to its weather. The weather of Rhodes is hot and sunny during summers and mild during winters giving it the perfect Mediterranean feel.

The beaches of Rhodes attract tourists from all over the world. The best beaches in Rhodes are mostly tourist friendly, organized and sandy hosting lots of water sports facilities for both adults and children. Some are pebbled and a little rough but offer seclusion, privacy and peace. The northwest side of the island has the most cosmopolitan beaches such as Ixia, especially developed to enhance tourism. The southwest side has equally beautiful beaches like Gennadi and Lardos. Some beaches and sandy coves like Glyfada and Lopria are hidden and less crowded. The weather in Rhodes provides the west shore its famous rough winds which is ideal for windsurfers.

Summer is the main tourist season due to the sunny weather of Rhodes. It is hot mainly due to the well-known Sirocco winds blowing from the Sahara, so make sure you pack your sunscreen. A relief from it is obtained from the Meltimi winds which you can experience in the coastal regions only, as they get blocked by the mountains ahead. Rainfall is least expected in these locales during summer. Due to the strong wind, Kremasti Bay is most famous for kite surfing. If you are interested you can try the beginners’ course there. One of the best beaches in Rhodes is Faliraki which has the biggest water park. It has water rides for all age groups; the most daring being the Free Fall or Kamikaze. If you are adventurous at heart you should surely take a ride on it.

Kalithea is special among all the best beaches in Rhodes because of its wonderful springs. Situated 9 kilometers from the city, these springs are said to have therapeutic effect and heal diseases like obesity, diabetes, malaria, asthma etc. You get one of the world’s best natural spas here. The weather in Rhodes is an additional treat to the natural spa of the red waters flowing from the rocks. The town has the beautiful combination of nature, history and architecture.

The best beaches in Rhodes have variety. There are organized ones with proper tourist infrastructure like in Tsambika and Kalathos whereas some are still rustic like Lachania. Lardos is a beach that is both sandy and pebbled. Plimiri, Afandou and Kallithea are secluded beaches which offer tranquillity; they thrive on natural beauty instead of man made one. The weather in Rhodes has blessed this island with many beaches earning it the EU blue flag; an environmental award for its clean and clear water beaches. Also known as the city of knights, Rhodes should definitely make it to your must-visit list of places to visit. Any online travel portal will give all the details necessary to plan your travel.

The best beaches in Rhodes have some of the most exciting adventure sports. The weather in Rhodes is sunny during summer so carry proper sun guard while on the beach.

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