Conveyor Belt Deicers Are Helpful That Melts Ice And Stops Extra Build Up

Posted by novamen on August 27th, 2014

Extreme cold weather conditions like frost and ice often disrupts routine operations at coal mines and power plants causing them to shut down and thereby induces the loss of valuable time and money. The solution to these grave problems presented itself with the revolutionary concept of Conveyor Belt Deicers.

Conveyor Belt Deicers enable the plants, factories and mines maintain their daily operations even in the harshest cold weather conditions by not only de-icing the frost-formations but preventing future build-up as well.

There are several benefits associated with Conveyor Belt Deicers, which improves productivity and prevents the further loss in both time and money:

· They not only deice but also prevent further ice build up on the entire conveying system.

· They also eliminate material handling problems caused by ice glazing and other material build up on conveyor belts.

· They are non-flammable and non-hazardous.

· They can work to prevent ice accumulation even in the lowest temperatures.

· Conveyor Belt Deicers are a typically safer method of deicing when compared to electric heaters, and open flame heaters.

· They can function effectively throughout the entire winter, without pause, eliminating frost and other related problems.

· De-icing a conveyor belt to prevent material slide back can minimize problems in daily operations.

· Apart from offering their services as an effective Deicer, Belt Deicers produce belt cover friction so that belts can carry coal efficiently.

· If applied or run during startup, Conveyor Belt Deicers can speedily remove large quantities of ice and prevent further accumulation.

Although Belt Deicers all generally work towards the same objective, i.e., prevention of ice on conveyor belts, nevertheless, there are three popular categories of Belt Deicers that you can choose from:

Conveyor Belt heater Deicers

These Belt heaters are generally the most economical and effective Belt Deicers around, preventing material slide back and eliminating large quantities of ice accumulation at one go. Belt heaters do not cause any adverse effect to the belt surface during operation and can trap escaped heat to deice at no additional operating cost.

Liquid heat Conveyor Belt Deicers

Non-flammable, cost-effective and harmless to the belt surface, Liquid heat Belt Deicers eliminates and prevents the future accumulation of ice even in the lowest of temperatures.

Antifreeze Liquid Conveyor Belt Deicers

The most expensive Deicer among the three, antifreeze spray solutions are not ideal at large plants and mines as its operating costs are quite considerate and depend on the length of the belt. Nevertheless, it does its job effectively and does not require manual monitoring in automated systems.

No matter which Deicer meets your specific needs, the effectiveness of Conveyor Belt Deicers in removing ice cannot be stressed enough. The freezing problems plaguing plants, factories and mines are a thing of the past with the one-step easy, cost-effective and competent solution for putting the lid on the winter woes for good

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