Eco-friendly and Technology-Advanced Agricultural Cars for Convenient Farming

Posted by sungbooindustry on August 27th, 2014

Technology helps us love the world even more. Its endowments have touched every facet of life rendering an easier and simpler planet. With the innovation of electric high place operation car, the essence of technology is re-defined bringing to farmers immense possibility of mass production with agricultural machines. Sungboo Ind., Ltd., a pioneer in high place operation car manufacturer in Korea heralds a new revolution in the realm of farming with this eco-friendly discovery. With this latest innovation many people are expected to ensure farming with absolute ease and accomplish difficult tasks like lifting heavy weights even as high as 4.7 cm.

The Amazing Features

Tagged as advanced technology agricultural machine, this unit offers the supreme quality features that are unmatched.

  • Liberated from vibration and noise of engine
  • Ensures work at dangerous and difficult places with maximum ease
  • Guarantees safety even in sloppy regions. Hence, farmers can operate the unit in hilly regions where farming/agricultural work has to be taken care of minimizing imminent danger.
  • The machine comes handy with centralized control panel, which allows easy and hassle-free operation. With no complexities to operate anyone can control the unit without having to read into too much of its functionalities, which are actually comprehendible during operational process.
  • The unit features a number of built-in safety devices that incorporate power shut off, emergency shutdown and safety bar
  • You can ensure stable operation even in hazardous zones since the machine uses roll-over protection outrigger technology
  • Provided, the unit is charged 4 to 5 hours daily, it can operate consistently for 2 to 3 days without interruption
  • Comes with motor driven hydraulic unit
  • Comes with motor 2 EA independent drive running

So far, the existing high place operation cars produced unbearable noise during operations and were not fit for sloppy areas. Besides, the units’ complicated structure and operations triggered fatigue in workers. Nonetheless, the Sungboo high place operation car is one of its classes, eliminating these disadvantages inviting the above amazing features for a smooth operation.

Safety is the major concern for farmers while running these machines. Rest assured these high place operation car powered by battery ensure maximum safety for workers. For those who are ready to invest can bring such a machine and improve farming performance. Apart from enjoying the advantages of high place operations cars, farmers can now savour the innovation of multi-purpose power cart in Korea . They come equipped with 1-reverse and 2 forward gears. They have a loading capacity of 200 kg on flat road, while at least 150 kg on sloppy roads. Even in a small place, they can rotate 360 degree most smoothly.

The Sungboo Industry is known for manufacturing eco-friendly machines which are most important in today’s scenario. In a world where pollution is creating havoc and climatic conditions are turning poor due to wastage of energy, eco-friendly machines are most welcoming. If you read through the advantages of using these agricultural-friendly high-tech machines you will know why farmers are benefiting from them the maximum.  

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