Advanced Remote Control Cars Improve Racing Skills

Posted by rchobbiesoutlet on August 27th, 2014

If you want to enter Radio Control (RC) Hobbies, or improve your RC racing skills, it is important that you have the right tools in hand. Radio controlled cars or trucks —those self-powered, model-size cars and trucks that can be driven from a distance using radio frequencies sent through a remote control and received by a specialized receiver—can either be toy-grade or hobby-grade. Toy grade RC vehicles are inexpensive and readily available in many retail outlets, however Hobby-grade RC cars and trucks offer a number of very important benefits and advantages. These include:

  • They are substantially faster and provide much better overall performance
  • They use much higher quality components which make them more durable, and enable higher performance
  • They are repairable, and spare parts are available, so if you break something or a component fails you can easily repair them. With toy-class vehicles you usually have to throw them out
  • They offer much more scope to improve your racing and RC control skills and provide more fun and challenge, as they are far more capable vehicles
  • A wide variety of different RC car and truck classes are available, which provide for different types of racing and driving – both on-road, and off-road. This provides an on-going opportunity to develop new racing skills and keeps RC hobbies challenging and fun
  • Hobby-class RC cars and trucks can be upgraded and customized, so you can modify and enhance your RC car or truck to your particular preferences

Hobby-grade RC cars are ideal for those who are not only seeking quality Remote Control Car models, but also those wishing to improve their racing skills, and enjoy all that RC hobbies has to offer.

Whatever your purpose for buying an RC vehicle—whether to play in your own backyard, have a fun hobby you can play with your kids , or compete in a more formal setting—it is important to find a good model that will satisfy your requirements, while still fitting within your budget. Choose hobby outlets that offer the best value and inventory of RC cars, trucks, and other radio or remote controlled hobbies, to make sure that you are getting the most RC vehicle for your money. Hobby-grade vehicles are now available that are within the budget of most buyers. Choose a vendor with a strong warranty and support, and that keeps the parts for your vehicle in stock.

There are many different types of RC cars, RC buggies and RC trucks available in the market, and they are categorized according to their capabilities, power sources, driving terrain or styles of racing they support.

RC vehicles are also classified by their size ( ie 1/16 scale, 1/10 scale, 1/8 scale or 1/5 scale) – the lower the denominator, the larger the vehicle – for instance 1/8 scale is larger than 1/10 scale.

Another key classification is their power source – whether are powered by an electric motor ( brushed or brushless), nitro gas engines, or in the case of 1/5 scale and larger vehicles – some of these can also use gasoline engines with an oil/gas mixture.

In all cases, hobby-grade vehicles are the way to go, if you will want to enjoy the hobby, and improve your RC racing skills.

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