Advantages of Listening to Live Music

Posted by benmarshal on August 28th, 2014

Any music lover will tell you there is a significant difference between live music and recorded music. Although you may not find time to attend to your favorite singer’s live performances, you can derive a different feeling when you do. If you have an event in which you have invited many guests, you can add value to the function by inviting your favorite music artist to perform live. Here are some of the advantages of live performance instead of recorded version.

  • It creates a mood of solidarity: When fans get together to identify with their favorite musician, they embrace a show of solidarity as the artist engages them in a song and dance. The facial expressions and gestures from the artist also add value to the performance.

  • It goes beyond the level of recorded music: While some talented DJs can mix music to suit various settings, all the music is selected from CDs. Even if the songs are recorded through a live performance by your favorite artist, it does not reflect the setting at the time of playing.

  • Live music is fresh: Watching your favorite artist performing live gives you energy and vitality as opposed to recorded music. The artist pronouncing actual words and engaging the fans to dance to the tunes creates a lively mood for both the performer and the fans.

  • Live music is original: In addition to gestures and facial expressions that create a visual effect, live music becomes stimulating and generates energy that the audience can feel. The guests have the thrill of watching real group of musicians perform and that makes the occasion more enjoyable.

  • Live music is a symbol of unity: Music has no boundary or limit in terms of culture, social class, or educational background. It is therefore an important tool to unite communities and cultivate a positive social atmosphere.

  • In addition to entertainment, music can pass messages of peace or reconciliation among communities. When that is the case, the live performing artist engages fans with messages of peace in a neutral environment that is devoid of any winners or losers.

Music of any nature is good. Nevertheless, for many people, live music takes precedence of over the recorded version. Besides, many fans have their favorite artists with whom they engage during such live performances. Knowing your best artist and his dates of live performance can help you track the concerts and enjoy the music as you interact with other fans.

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