Applicable places and features of automatic doors

Posted by Jerry Lin on January 18th, 2021

Nowdays, automatic doors can be said to be everywhere. Automatic doors are a modern new type of access door with automatic control to achieve opening and closing. Of course, there are many classifications of automatic doors. At present, automatic doors can be divided into: sliding doors, revolving doors, Curved doors, induction electric doors, folding doors, fast doors and magnetic suspension automatic doors and other categories. So, why do you choose to use automatic doors now? Which places have a higher proportion of automatic doors?

1. Which places have a higher proportion of automatic doors?

At present, automatic doors on the market are widely used in hotels, office buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, banks and other public places. Most of these types of doors use sliding doors, which are made of glass doors, which are very simple and generous. Automatic doors are also particularly suitable for some high-end places, of course, due to the market and application of magnetic levitation automatic doors. Some families have also begun to use automatic doors. Using automatic doors can save resources, reduce noise, prevent wind and dust, and make the entrance and exit appear high-end and solemn.

2. Why do you like to use automatic doors? What are the characteristics of automatic doors?

1. Convenient and barrier-free

Convenience can be said to be the primary feature of automatic doors. The use of automation technology and intelligent systems makes automatic doors more and more convenient. Even heavy and large doors can be opened and closed automatically. It is inconvenient to open the door when people hold luggage with both hands. Or when there are elderly people, disabled people, etc., the value of automatic doors is better reflected. In recent years, some multi-functional toilets in public places with high traffic have also introduced automatic doors. Automatic doors are widely used in commercial facilities, accommodation facilities and public facilities.

2. Energy saving and high efficiency

Since automatic doors are installed at the entrance of the place, the door is always closed, which can effectively prevent the outflow of air conditioning and heating. For example, if there is no automatic door in a shopping mall, the door must be open to facilitate customers to enter the store, but automatic doors It can effectively solve this problem, prevent noise, wind, rain and dust from flowing into the room, and greatly improve the indoor comfort.

3. Sanitary and clean

Since automatic doors do not need to be opened and closed manually, such as places like food factories and hospitals, these places have very high hygiene requirements. Relying on high-tight automatic doors can prevent dust and some diseases by increasing indoor pressure spread.

4. Responsible for facade

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned unique advantages of automatic doors, the use of automatic doors can also greatly improve the appearance of the facade. Often some high-end venues need automatic door decoration to improve the grade, and automatic doors can fully assume this " responsibility".

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