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Posted by Johny Dean on August 28th, 2014

It is easy to increase the value of your property simply by using a durable paving, or featuring a high protective fence. These architectural elements have to be considered from the start of your house building project. Still, a new path or fence can be constructed even when the house is already built; in this case, their design would have to match the style of the existing house.

People looking for a professionally laid paving Leeds or for additional services like landscaping or fencing Leeds need to contact a reliable craftsman. Paving represents an outdoor surface covering that can be made from a multitude of materials, such as asphalt, concrete, gravel, bricks, or granite. Pavers can be arranged with no order in mind, or according to a certain pattern.

Asphalt or bitumen pavers are waterproof materials used in construction. Asphalt is obtained from petroleum, that is why the price of such pavers is not that low. Pavers made from asphalt are used to create public driveways and also walkways. Private paths connecting two or more structures or locations are usually covered with other type of paving.

Concrete is more affordable in the long run, thus more appreciated by domestic users. Its durability and resistance are similar to those of asphalt. Concrete is a composite material used not only to manufacture pavers, but also for construction work. The main advantage of the concrete paving Leeds is that it can last for more than 50 years, if well maintained.

Gravel driveways are probably the cheapest and, despite the common belief, they have a long life, around 50 years, too. A gravel paving looks very good, keeps moisture at a distance, because the ground absorbs all the water and humidity in the air, and, in addition, this is an environmentally friendly solution. Gravel pavers are the best choice for rustic establishments.

Brick pavers are made from a combination of concrete, soil and sand in various percentages. In general, bricks are used to build house walls or fencing Leeds, but they can also cover outdoor surfaces, creating new paths. Brick pavers are some of the oldest types of paving, their use being reported since 7500 BC.

Granite is a white, pink or gray rock found naturally in depressions. Granite slabs are expensive compared to other types of pavers. Their installation cost is also expensive. But all this comes with unbeatable advantages. First, it takes a lot of time for the elements to slightly affect a granite paver. Secondly, not even the sun affects granite, this rock being well protected against radiations. Thirdly, granite has a beautiful appearance, enhancing any space where it is used.

Paving can cover a wide area of your property. If you look for the best craftsmen that can provide you with services like paving Leeds or fencing Leeds, contact us today. Please visit our website to learn more about us and our services and to check out the photo gallery featuring our works. For supplementary requests, send us an enquiry.

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