The rookies aren't even available on mt nba 2k21

Posted by limmzhou on January 18th, 2021

I truly need to ask for a refund, I'm pretty sure I havent used it for 2 hours, but I doubt they will give me my coupon back.There's user created rosters which are pretty legit, it's more so the whole experience, I know all other platforms have the town variant jerseys and upgraded courts.

There are not though... The rookies aren't even available on mt nba 2k21 these rosters. There are a few fantasy rosters, but not one which reflect the NBA post draft/free agency. And to be honest we should not have to do this, we are promised roster updates.

The only teams that could realistically take action are the Celts as well as the Thunder, and it would leave the Celts cupboard bare, while the Thunder do not need him, they are too young.

Unless some weird team like Indy packages Dipo Turner and a few picks for him, I feel safe to state he will probably be a Rocket all season.There's also a ton of bugs in the Neighborhood where your game will only randomly freeze up and crash. They responded that the dev group is currently exploring but there is no timeline for a repair.

Man, I bought the day 1 and cheap nba 2k21 mt they never really cared... The game crash all the time when playing playground and now I could only get about 1 match then it wreck.I have only lost all faith in 2K particularly after WWE 2K20. How they are permitted to put out the unfinished garbage they do is at least as bad as the Cyberpunk older gen release.

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