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The spatial structures play a major role in making the city, a country beautiful. It is not only the huge structures that steal the show, but the artistically designed constructions that make eyes stuck with awe. When it comes to the beautifully designed and artistically acclaimed structures, the name of Korea comes in the first row. The country has some excellent, world class constructions that are artistically rich, sturdy and planned to offer the maximum utilization. It is obviously to the credit of the architectural engineering consultants firms of the country that has contributed so much to the appearance of the place, and amongst the prominent structural engineering consultants Korea, the C-S Structural Engineering Inc. is a leading name.

The company

C-S Structural Engineering has a long and meticulously built history which has given the company the present status and the undisputed reputation. The company was built in 1989, on the Korean soil, and with the passing years it has gained popularity and increased its reach and presently has its branch office in Doha, Qatar as well. The company has received many titles for their innovative work. Established as a Research and Development company, C-S Structural Engineering received the designation of Venture business of Korea and Innovative management Company of Korea in 2009. The title of Innovative Technique Company of Korea by INNO-BIZ was received in the year 2010. The company is led by a highly experienced team of professionals and maintains strict policies in order to ensure that every customer is provided with the best service.

Services offered

C-S Structural Engineering, the leading structural design consultancy Korea, offers a bunch of services in order to ensure that the customers are provided with every type of assistance that they might need for giving the right shape to their dream structures. The company has earned comprehensive engineering expertise on all projects related to structures. Starting from Building design, construction support service, specialty analysis, and remodeling/renovation services the company also offers structural health monitoring that includes monitoring on constructions and Structural Performance Evaluation. The company also offer Research and Development based services, value engineering and 3D BIM modeling in order to meet the advanced requirements of the construction industry.

The projects

C-S Engineering has designed some of the most attractive structures of Korea, Philippines, Angola, Vietnam, and China. Spatial structures like the Philippine Arena in Bulancan, Philippines; Hang Grand Arts Island in Seoul; Korea, Angola Stadium in Luanda, Angola; South Western Dome Baseball stadium, Seoul, South Korea; Taekwondo One in Muju, Korea; and Ansan Dome Stadium in Ansan, Korea are some of the examples of the rich work from the company. Drawing of the super tall structures is a specialty of the brand, and they have given shape to a number of high rising constructions in Korea, China and Vietnam. C-S Engineering also offers PC/Plant built and rebuilt services. Several power plants, desulfurization and denitrification units in Korea have been designed by this company. So, if you are looking for structural engineering consultants, you can never have a better option than C-S Structural Engineering Inc. for your job.

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