Avoid Car Accidents by ensuring Proper Functioning of Brake Pads, Brake Drums an

Posted by sjautomotive on August 29th, 2014

A car accident is imminent if the brake is not functioning properly. One casual drive down the freeway without care can attest to that. To avoid getting involved in the mess, you should account for your safety and of those around you. Keeping check of brake parts at regular interval is justified since that can avert accidents and ensure your safety on road by assisting to pull the car at a stop, when it is most inevitable. Automotive parts experts of SJ Automotive come up with an apt solution of brakes and their usable functions. If you hear what these experts have to say, you will learn about the application of brake pads, brake drums and parking brake cables; all aimed towards providing potential friction to your car for the necessary stop.

Functions of Brake pads

Brake pads are described as steel backing plates having friction quality fixed in opposite to disk that are used as an important application in automotives. Now, the question is how brake pads function? Brakes are applied hydraulically, which means that the calliper squeezes or clamps two pads in the spinning motor causing the vehicle to stop or slow down. When in contact with a rotor, the brake pads get heated up transferring friction to the disc. Now, the disc and brake pad together provide sufficient friction to put the vehicle at a safe stop. To guarantee the safety of your driving experience, engineers at SJ Automotive, a renowned brake pad manufacturer in Korea, provides genuine and premium brake pads for customers.

Yet again, brake drums in vehicles play vital role to stop rotation of axle or wheels, generating substantial heat to cause friction for the wheeler to stop.

Brake Drums- Functions explained

Manufactured out of special kind of cast iron, brake drums are wear resistant and heat-conductive. It helps to rotate the axle and wheels. Hence, how does it help the wheels to stop? As the driver applies at the brakes, the lining pushes radically against the drum ensuing friction that brings the vehicle to an abrupt stop by slowing down the rotation of the wheels.

While the purpose of brake pads and brake drums are explained, you can now evade car accidents by checking if these parts are functioning diligently. Nonetheless, there is more to shunning accidents with the use of parking brakes, erroneously known as ‘hand brakes’. This is described as latching brake, which helps to keep the vehicle stationary. Sometimes, to prevent your vehicle from rolling down in sloppy regions or even on a flat surface, this brake is applied. Positioned on the floor of the car on either side of the driver near the steering wheel column, these brakes are operated by hands and used mostly in times of emergency. However in modern times where technology has taken to stellar heights, a driver can pull the parking brake cables by means of pull or push of a button.

By incorporating advanced features to these automotive parts, SJ Automotive, based in Korea is known for manufacturing uncompromised and best-quality brakes for vehicles. You can rely on their products for unmatched products.

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