Refrigerators Getting rid of Bad Odors

Posted by webisimo on August 29th, 2014

The holiday season sees an abundance of food items. When it is over, the refrigerator gets crammed up with the leftovers. After some time, people begin to notice a foul odor coming from the fridge and coolers. Here are some simple tricks if you are someone trying to get rid of it.

Removing foul smell from refrigerators

The steps to make your refrigerator odor-free should begin with arranging the items in an orderly manner. Make sure that there are no open containers. Remember, when combined with the smell of fresh food, certain chemicals are produced. If this attempt fails, do the following.

  1. 1.       Clean the equipment

Check to see if the fridge is clean. If you happen to notice any dirt, unplug it. Take away all the items in the unit. Do not leave anything untouched.

  1. 2.       Deodorize it

Done this, you can go forward with deodorizing your refrigerator. Take out some kind of a container and put some baking soda into it. Keep it inside the refrigerator for a day. It would absorb the smell.

  1. 3.       Make use of activated charcoal

If baking soda fails to be of help, you can use activated charcoal. Buy it from any of the stores in your locality. But, do not keep it along with any of the food items. Place it separately. Leave the fridge closed for some days. The odor would disappear on its own.

  1. 4.       Deodorize with coffee

Take some freshly ground coffee in a plate and keep it inside the fridge. Let it be there for the entire day. Coffee absorbs all kinds of smells.

Vanilla too is an excellent deodorizer. Just dip a piece of cotton into the extract and keep in the refrigeration system for some time.

  1. 5.       Freshen the smell with a newspaper

You don’t need anything expensive to deodorize your fridge. Just spread a sheet of newspaper on all the shelves and place the items to be stored inside. The newspaper would absorb if there is any foul smell.

Some helpful tips

Remember, the smell in your refrigerator would declare the condition of the items stored inside. Make sure that you are careful when shopping. Doing the following too would help you in the matter.

  • Keep all the items in tight containers.
  • Look into your refrigerator at least once in a week. This would make sure that food is not allowed to sit for long in it. You would also be able to throw away the expired things.
  • Clean it with vanilla extract at regular intervals.
  • When you have to switch off the fridge for some time, just open the door a bit. Remember, anything remained closed for a long time is sure to smell bad.
  • Do not place anything inside before the odor is completely gone. This applies to a situation where you are forced to deodorize it to make it smell fresh.


A note of precaution

When cleaning the fridge, do not use any harsh detergent. It may create scratches on its surface. You should also be careful not to use hot water when the unit is cold. This would break the glass.  Either allow it to come to the atmospheric temperature or use lukewarm water to clean. Besides, be aware of the chemicals not to be used to clean the equipment. Certain chemicals may cause trouble for you. Follow these guidelines; clean refrigerators have a positive impact on the health of those who use them.

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