Telltale Signs Your Home Isn't Secure

Posted by ricky26 on August 29th, 2014

Nobody wants to fall victim to criminals, so it is always a good idea to ensure your home benefits from good security. This can quite simply prevent burglars from gaining access to your property, and avoid the practical and emotional problems that burglary can cause. However, many people's homes aren't as secure as they think. There are a few telltale signs that your home security has room for improvement.

Valuables on Display

One of the most valuable home security tactics is to avoid things that may make your home a target. If valuables are visible from the outside, thieves are more likely to try and get into your home. TVs by the window, jewellery stored on windowsills, and laptops left in sight are all examples. If you have purchased some new valuables like a TV or computer, you should avoid leaving the packaging sticking out of your bin even if it is a large box. This tells passing criminals that your home has brand new gadgets inside.

Insecure Windows and Doors

Criminals are famous for entering through the window, and you'd be surprised how many just come in the front door. Older, more basic windows and doors are easily overcome by experienced burglars. A secure cheap UPVC doors which will not easily be broken and has an effective locking system will go a long way to protect your home. High-quality, UPVC types with safety glass often make for the most secure front doors and windows, as they are not easily tampered with or damaged.

Lack of Visible Security

The best home security systems don't just thwart criminals who are trying to enter your home, but keep them from targeting your home in the first place. For this reason, visible security measures are some of the best. They act as a powerful deterrent, making criminals slink off to look for easier prey. Even a bluff can be effective, such as a dummy security camera or alarm. However, not all security measures should be made visible. For example, if an alarm control is visible through a glass front door, criminals will be able to tell whether or not it has been set.

An Empty House

Empty homes are prime targets for criminals. Obviously the fact your home will sometimes be empty is unavoidable, but you can still take measures to improve this aspect of home security. Specifically, you can make it so your house doesn't look empty. If you're going out for the evening, this can be as simple as leaving a light on. For longer periods such as holidays, you can get a device that works on a timer to simulate the light of a television in the evenings. Avoid announcing your holidays through social media, as it is surprising how easily criminals can find this and link it with your address.

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