Benefits Of Building a Pergola With Timber For Adelaide Home

Posted by Proform Pergolas on January 18th, 2021

It is a great thing to have a stylish, comfy pergola in the house. It is the best and the perfect outdoor living extension. When you want to finalize the material, timber pergolas Adelaide has some utterly compelling advantages over other stuff. Want to know some distinct benefits of it? In this blog, we bring a few of them.

It is Durable & Needs Less Maintenance

When the right kind of treated timber is used, the pergola lasts longer and gives enjoyment for several years. There have been cases where pergolas stood erect for 50 years and more. Maintenance needs to optimize the service life of pergolas Adelaide. It is relatively easy to maintain and quite inexpensive as well provided monitoring protocol is followed well.

Three things are necessary:

  • Choose the right variety of timber for the structure
  • Apply the right treatment to preserve the wood
  • Construct using the best practices

It is Sustainable

Timber is an ideal material to build a pergola. Why is it called environment-friendly?

  • It is possible to plant more trees when you cut one tree. Thus, it is sustainable.
  • Timber needs less energy to produce. Not only natural wood, but even engineered wood is also cheaper to produce as compared to other materials like concrete or steel. It means, by using timber we put less stress on energy resources.
  • Timber pergolas Adelaide put less impact on the environment.

Also, timber can be recycled up to a limited ability. It can be broken down. It can be repurposed. It can be used for building something new.

Structural Benefits

  • Timber is lightweight yet strong. It holds a better strength-to-weight ratio, around 20 percent higher than concrete or steel.
  • It requires less cost to transport.
  • Timber pergolas Adelaide is easy to install.
  • Timber structures can be built faster. You do not need specialized tools. It requires fewer onsite workers.

Timber pergolas can be constructed without causing much noise. It causes less disruption. Low-cost timber pergola reduces the risk of accidents.

Health Benefits

Timber pergolas remain cool in the summers and warm in winters. It is because wood is a natural insulator. Thus, it contributes greatly to promote well-being and good health. Studies show that timber pergolas Adelaide store & release humidity. They improve indoor air quality. They prevent excessive dryness and excessive moisture. Both these conditions are not good for human health. Thus, choosing timber to build a pergola is always better.

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