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Posted by sere on January 18th, 2021" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">PCB manufacturers all over the world are committed to producing high-quality products at low cost. Therefore, most of them turn to flexible circuits. Moreover, because there are many PCB manufacturers, the quality of their products determines who is the best. We can solve this problem because this article aims to educate you about what flexible circuits are, different types of flexible courses, and the availability of the market.

Types of flexible circuits in Atech PCB

Single-sided flex circuits-these are basic flex circuits with only one metal trace with a dielectric layer. In order to protect the dielectric layer from the environment, you must add a polyimide cover layer. Polyimide also helps insulation.

Double-sided flexibility-This is a circuit that contains two conductive layers on both sides of the dielectric layer. To make the connection, you must make it through the holes on both layers of the circuit.

Multilayer flexible-This is a circuit in which the ends of a single-sided or double-sided PCB are bonded together by adhesive. Here, the central part is not glued together like other circuits. The multilayer flexible circuit contains 4-8 copper layers, which surround the dielectric layer connected through the holes.

Rigid, flexible circuits-these circuits contain multilayer flexible and rigid circuits. They have flexible design options and high reliability.

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