Easy Tips To Clean Your Furniture Upholstery Yourself

Posted by Adelaide Cleaneasy on January 18th, 2021

Do you think that upholstery cleaning is a difficult matter, and you cannot do it? Well, it is not that difficult.  With a little bit of preventive maintenance, some extra care, and the use of proper cleaning material you can achieve great results. Here we bring some useful tips to perform effective upholstery cleaning AdelaideIf you follow them, then you might not never again need to hire professional cleaning services.

Perform Vacuum Cleaning Often

When you vacuum the fabric services regularly, the possibility of accumulating dirt, dust, or crumbs reduces. Normal dusting does not clean the surfaces. It just relocates the dust particles from one surface to the other. A quick vacuuming avoids the dirt from becoming more embedded. It also reduces the speed of wear.

Use a Brush to Clean Surfaces

Brushing also removes dust and dirt. It makes the surfaces shiny clean. A leather sofa can be cleaned using a soft brush. A fabric sofa can be cleaned using a brush of soft bristles. Keep a separate brush for upholstery cleaning. Not just the sofa, but you should clean the headboard if it is fabric-covered.

Flip or rotate cushions frequently

How does it help? When you flip the base cushion or keep on rotting pillows on the sofa, you prevent uneven wear on the surface of the upholstery. You will observe that if you sit on the same spot always, the foam and fabric get damaged over a period. Switching up the cushions avoids the accumulation of dreaded butt dents on the foam.

Regularly clean marks or spills

Spills cause permanent marks on the fabric if not cleaned timely. The best thing is to keep a bunch of clean absorbent cloth handy. Do not rub the spill but absorb it as much as possible. Clean the fabric using spot treatment. There are spot cleaners available in the market that work effectively on spills.

Use a good-quality fabric cleaner

Though for light dirt and stains, a mixture of vinegar and water at the ratio of 50-50 works well, for tougher stains you need branded fabric cleaners. Nowadays, heavy-duty sprays are available for spot treatment. Fabric protectors are also commonly used. They are simple to apply. However, it is important to check manufacturer guidelines as some protectors may damage the upholstery fabric. Immediate cleaning of dirt and spills prevent staining. Follow these tips and your sofa remains spotless clean year after year.

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