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Posted by gamesgofree on August 30th, 2014

As if racing is not thrilling enough, Deadly Race takes the game to an even more exciting and adrenalin-pumping level by adding a survival element to the race. With a unique back story that will keep you hooked, this game is truly a league of its own, especially since it features all sorts of challenges that make it even harder for any player to reach each finish line and take the victory.

Deadly Race is a set in the beginning of the 21st century, when a global energy crisis unleashed a third World War. Many cities were destroyed and left abandoned as people came searching for better lives. These cities became the perfect arena for a new kind of entertainment, designed for daredevils. They were used as race tracks for what they now call Apocalypse Motor Racing. Brave souls from all corners of the world converge to race to the finish line, but the course is not without an additional challenge, as racers are allowed to shoot each other down. Danger lurks in the mean streets of these half-ruined, deserted cities that are not only full of deadly cars but of criminals as well.

You can expect nothing but pure fun and adrenalin rush in a racing game where the only rule is to stay alive. Deadly Race is one of the most popular racing game variations today, boasting a wide range of exciting game features. Here, you have 24 different races to choose from and even upgrade your race car according to your performance preferences, shoot with three different types of weapons, and get to experience apocalyptic scenes. There are two different modes to choose from so you can enjoy the thrill of this unique and wild racing concept even more. The animation is also excellent without taking a toll on your gaming machine. This game doesn't require a very powerful platform, as it runs in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems with 1Ghz (or better) processor, 256 MB RAM and 64MB video memory.

The best thing about Deadly Race game is that it is absolutely free! If you wish to download this exciting game, find a website that provides you with completely free and safe game download and will not charge you a single cent for every game you take. Choose a website that provides you with quality games in all genres imaginable.

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