What Multivitamin Should Ladies Take

Posted by Nehal Preet on January 18th, 2021

A woman's body undergoes various changes. This can be due to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopausal period and the ageing process. Without proper care, the body can be weakened by these changes, which is why it is necessary to find the best multivitamin for women depending on her age, health condition and level of activities. To help you with that, here are some ideas on how you can choose the right multivitamin for you:

For Pregnant or Lactating Women

Pregnant women experience massive changes in their nutritional demands. The reason being of the need to feed the baby inside her womb and to make up for all the deficiencies to ensure her baby's health. When looking for the best multivitamin, one thing that should be considered is the amount of iron and folic acid it contains. The multivitamin should also become high in vitamin A, as it is helpful in maintaining strong and healthy bones and tissues. On the other hand, folic acid prevents any defects during the course of the pregnant state. Brain Health SupplementsBest anti-ageing Supplements

Proper consumption of folic acid in a diet can prevent anaemia and enhance cell growth at the same time. The expecting woman needs to consume 600 mcg of folic acid daily, while non-pregnant woman needs 400 mcg of it. For lactating mothers, the recommended daily dose of folic acid is at 50 mcg. Iron, on the other hand, is helpful in preventing anaemia, apart from making up for the blood loss during child delivery. So when choosing a multivitamin for pregnant and lactating women, be sure that the supplement contains all these essential nutrients.

For Females who are within their Menopausal Stage

As women reach their menopausal stage, lots of hormonal changes occur in their body. Lots of iron is lost, thus requiring the help of a supplement to restore the essential quantity of iron her body needs. The best multivitamin for women should have at least 18 mg of iron as well as 400 mg of folic acid. Vitamin D should also be contained in the supplement, as this is helpful for keeping the bones strong. Take note that during the menopausal stage, the bones in the entire body start to become weak and sensitive, and it will be could result in osteoporosis. Vitamin D in multivitamins is also helpful in reducing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and colon cancer.

For Women Over FORTY YEARS

The age of 40 and above is considered as a crucial age for women, and this is the time when she needs to take care of her health properly. During this age, when a woman fails to make up for the nutrient loss, she could face various problems involving her heart, skin and bones. Women aged 40 and above should consume a multivitamin that contains at least 25 mcg of Vitamin B12. The multivitamin should also have Vitamin D and 2500 IU of vitamin A. the latter is helpful in keeping the bones and tissues strong, boosting the immune system and in improving the eyesight. Vitamin B12 is helpful in improving the memory and the nervous system of a woman, apart from removing depression. In addition to these vitamins, Supplement K also needs to be within the multivitamin supplement, as this is helpful in preventing blood clots and keeping the heart-healthy.

Then again, apart from consuming the best multivitamin for women, following a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercises can be essential to keep the body healthy and safe from various diseases. If you are unsure of what multivitamin will best suit your own body's needs, it would be best to consult a physician before opting for any supplement to make sure that you and your body will advantage from it.

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