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Posted by taj on January 18th, 2021

TheCoding was founded humbly on September 2016 to provide affordable and quality joggers to the mass market in Singapore. We have went on to sell over 10,000 pieces of apparels since then. With over 1000 positive reviews, you can be assured of quality products and exceptional customer service.

Thecoding collaborates with reputable factories overseas to ensure quality yet affordable apparel to the mass market in Singapore.

Each and single apparel is produced individually by the workers rather than being mass-produced. 🤩 All products are carefully inspected before shipping to the warehouse in Singapore.

We will continue to remain humble and strive for excellence. Thank you for your continuous support towards Thecoding.

mens clothing

It occurred to me men in my country aren't really dress to impress or know their dressing sense but dress according to what they think is suitable for the occasion.

For example: Some men would wear a polo-shirt or jeans for Wedding dinner. They find it more comfortable which is obviously

Where can we obtain the information on latest trends in men's fashion? Any websites which are your favourites?

Unlike women's clothing, most men's clothing (even for the most formal occasions) are intricately comfortable. Women are always searching for comfortable shoes, while men would not stand (pardon the pun) for shoes that didn't fit well and feel good.

There is also a world wide cultural (or sexual) mind set that men are not suppose to dress well. They are "supposed" to be unkempt, rugged individuals. But if you study every male animal species you note that the male is the more colourful!

It's good to keep up on the current trends, but not necessarily to go crazy for each fad that comes along. The value of men's clothing is that they change fashion rarely since the styles have been evolving down through a 100 years to something that fits men's body types, activities and makes most men look great. Look at formalwear - every man looks exceptionally handsome in the classic (no frills, no updates, no changes) basic tuxedo.

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