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Naran is the most beautiful valley in the upper Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. It is originally found approximately at a distance of 119 kilometers almost 74 miles from Mansehra city. It is located at an elevation of 2,409 meters nearly around. 7,904 ft. It is sintered around 65 miles (40 mi) away from Babusar Top. It is a famous place because most of the tourists and visitors usually visit Naran and Kaghan valley on holidays at least once a year.

Naran Kaghan is well known as the best location to visit for tourism and see the natural and outstanding sights. It is one of the northern areas of Pakistan which usually remains covered with snow throughout the year. It is likewise the doorway to Gilgit Hunza in Summers by Babusar Pass. Naran Bazaar is packed in summers with many people. All restaurants and hotels remain packed and full because most of the people when visiting Naran and Kaghan they stay in hotels and inns for almost 2 to 3 days. In 2020, the government expected that almost 5 million travelers will be traveling to Naran and Kaghan for tourism along with their friends and families.

Naran has a moist and extremely cold atmosphere sometimes. There is huge precipitation in summers and extreme snowfall in winters. The climate normally stays overcast consistently. During the winter season, the temperature frequently stays underneath 0 ° C with substantial snowfall. During summers, the temperature seldom surpasses 15 ° C with extreme precipitation. Naran stays occupied in summer. Advance bookings are made. The travel industry is now getting stable day by day because of the tourists that are visiting Naran and Kaghan almost once a year. The normal yearly temperature in Naran is 10.1 ° C.

The Kaghan Valley, a snow-capped valley, partitioned in the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is also as pretty as the Naran valley. The valley covers a distance of 155 kilometers which is nearly equal to 96 miles across northern Pakistan, ascending from Its least rise of 650 m to its most noteworthy point at the Babusar Pass around 4,170 m (13,690 ft). Same that of Naran, Kaghan is also considered to be the best tourist place which remains packed with people during the entire summer season.


The 155-kilometer-long valley, The 155-kilometer-long valley Alongside the progression of the Kunhar River, the valley highlights icy masses, precious stone like clear lakes, and chilly mountain streams. The Kaghan is acclaimed for its breathtaking views and scenes , attracting people to enjoy its beauty.

The Kaghan Valley can be reached using Balakot through Mansehra and Abbottabad. In Balakot, public transports and other vehicles can be utilized to travel in the valley. Furthermore, the Kaghan can likewise be reached from Peshawar or Islamabad using a vehicle to travel to Abbottabad or Mansehra; You can even travel using a jeep because the roads are somehow bumpy.

The valley is open for tourists during the summers temperature no tourist is allowed to visit Naran and Kaghan during the winter season. This is done to save the tourists from any incident. From May to September, the streets and Babusar Pass stay open for travelers and tourists. In May, the temperature can reach up to 11 ° C (52 ° F) and stoop as low as 37 ° F


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