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Skin plays a vital role in looks department. Even toning of the skin which is free from spots, acne, blackheads, clogged pores and cysts is the main secret of flawless skin. Some skin disorders tamper the toning of skin and it makes it ugly and awful. Vitiligo is one of those disorders which cause heavy damage to the skin cells. Often cleansing with natural materials should be done. For the removal of these patches a cream consisting of monobenzone is introduced which has proven to work wonders. Monobenzone is a stimulant which enhances de pigmentation. Even toning of the skin is achieved in the usage of benoquin. Monobenzone is manufactured under the brand name benoquin. Monobenzone is used in the preparation of vitiligo cream. One can either purchase cheap benoquin cream or order benoquin online.

  • Monobenzone is chemically grouped under the phenolic group. It is also used as a topical applicant for the de pigmentation processes.
  • It is basically classified as monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone. Its solubility is positive in liquids like benzene, alcohol and diethyl ether. Its solubility is negative in liquid like water.
  • The topical application of benoquin enhances the excretion levels of melanin from the melanocytes. This phenomenon is held responsible for the DE pigmenting characteristic of the drug in humans. Monobenzone leads to the killing of melanocytes which is referred to as permanent depigmentation.
  • Monobenzone is also observed to treat the adverse conditions like melanoma. Vitiligo is basically a chronic skin disorder which results in the loss of pigmentation cells called melanocytes. This loss results in the appearance of white patches on the topical surface of the skin.
  • Vitiligo treatment can be achieved by the application of benoquin. Benoquin is basically topically applied on the place of the patch by a thin a layer for maximum 2-3 times a day.
  • Exposing the skin to sunlight, tanning booths and excess light should be strictly avoided post application as it is sensitive to sunlight. It may cause adverse effects.
  • Application of sunscreens which possess SPF 15 or a greater number is advised for protection. It provides the complete results after 3-4 months of regular medication course.
  • Like every other face cream this also has some commonly observed side effects. They are peeling on the application site, mild burning of sensation, irritation, redness and cracks are observed on the skin.
  • Serious damages are also caused. They are trouble in breathing, swelling up of parts such as throat/tongue/ face, itching, redness, rash and severe dizziness.
  • Pre - consumption the doctor must be known about the necessity to prescribe this after being aware of side effects. In any case there is persistence of side effects a doctor must be consulted.
  • Storage of this should be done below 25 degrees Celsius and stored in a cool dry place. Children and pets should not be able to reach it as it is harmful for them. Incidence of direct light and heat must be avoided.

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