Ways to promote your upcoming events on Social Media Platforms

Posted by Jennifer Paul on January 18th, 2021

One of the most effective ways to generate buzz regarding an upcoming event is using Social Media. With multiple platforms to choose from, organizations can reach out to various segments. To maximize social media marketing efforts, it is always a better idea to strategize the process before executing it. It will not be enough to just get people to see the updates. The ultimate goal is to engage and convert them. The following tips will help you achieve that.

Select Relevant Social Media Channels

Based on the industry and target audience, certain social media platforms will be more effective than others. Here is an overview:

Facebook – It lets users provide event updates, engage with the audience, and create event pages. It also lets users target their messaging to specific groups with the help of social media ads.

Instagram – This platform gets the most engagement, due to its simple user interface, quick updates through stories, and intuitive interaction system. 

LinkedIn – This is the best social media channel for B2B communication and industry networking. LinkedIn is a good option for company news and event announcements.

Twitter – A good platform to leverage hashtags and build excitement.

Snapchat — This is a popular platform among the youth and generates a lot of engagement.

Creating An Event Hashtag
Create a hashtag that is short, catchy, and easy-to-comprehend. Make sure to use this hashtag in each and every post and include it in all of the social media account bios too. Make sure that this hashtag is consistent on all social media platforms, the event website, emails, and print materials. During the main event, make sure that the hashtag is visible to the audience to create better recall. 

Make Carefully Crafted Content
Event promotional posts on social media could determine the number of potential event-goers. This calls for us to make every post count. For maximum engagement, it's a good idea to space out event posts with generic industry-specific content. The content should be engaging and conversational, and not overly “sales-y.” Tailoring content for each social network differently will reap the most benefits. This is because different styles work better on different platforms. If there have been past events, it’s always a good idea to include photos of attendees enjoying the event. If your organization requires help from experts in creating engaging content, you should take the assistance of a Social Media Marketing Agency like OktoBuzz.

Run A Contest On Social Media
Contests are one of the best ways to spread word-of-mouth promotion without a lot of investment. They increase engagement significantly. Contests motivate audiences to participate in social media posts as they get the chance to be gratified.

Integrate Social Media Influencers
Influencers can add an edge to social media marketing plans, mainly because of their loyal fan base. By including key people from a niche space who can talk about the event will influence prospective attendees to register for the event.

Leverage Paid Social Media Ads
Supplementing organic posts with social media ads is a must if you are serious about making the event a success. Depending on organic posts alone might not prove to be a successful endeavour. The added advantage of paid social media ads is the ability to specifically target relevant people to see your posts. This significantly increases the conversion rates for your event and makes sure that your posts are viewed by only those who would find them relevant.

Promoting an event can be tricky, but if done the right way, it will surely attract more eyeballs that lead to increased attendees. We hope this article helped you understand how promotion on social media works. If you require professional assistance, please reach out to OktoBuzz, who can help you with a 360-degree social media plan.

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