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Posted by AllmaJess on September 2nd, 2014

Mobility is vital for every human being for leading a normal and fruitful existence. But many are not able to exercise complete control of or use their limbs for simple bodily actions perhaps due to an illness or an accident. Mobility scooter is a novel and wonderful boon for such people. These are three or four wheeled scooters with a seat and flat foot rest and steering handlebars. And, for those who have very little strength in their limbs or shoulders, hand controls help them drive their vehicles unassisted. These are devices which can be easily attached to handle bars or steering wheels and can be operated with very little or minimal effort.

All mobility scooters come with seats which can be swiveled around when the handle bars cause obstruction and are much simpler to maneuver than a standard wheel chair. These scooters do not come with the emotional baggage of a wheelchair which often causes stress and mental trauma to the user. This is a major unique selling point for mobility scooters as they look quite similar to conventional scooters. These assistive vehicles are truly light weight as they are manufactured from high strength aircraft aluminum. Cars attached with customized hand controls can give physically challenged people a new lease of life when most give up the hope of moving around without assistance.

A mobility scooter is generally battery operated and some have designs which are attached with a charger unit as well. Operations like forward-reverse and speed control can be monitored by finger paddles, thumb controls or switches. So, you can cruise along with ease and comfort. There are several websites which offer detailed brochures and information satisfying most queries about these vehicles. Hand controls make car driving easy with all the controls at an arm’s length. Cars accessorized with such control devices have truly revolutionized the world of physically challenged people.

Most mobility scooters are fitted with cup or cane holders, rear baskets and weather covers for extra convenience. Even people with stiff legs or plastered legs can use vehicles because of their innovative design. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Standard hand controls have been improved to include a button mounted on a manual gearstick to give better clutch control. It is important to test all the various operations personally before you decide to install such a device in your car.

Price of a mobility scooter is far less than powered wheel chairs and is affordable to most. You do not have to exert yourself to compare prices as the websites present the entire range of such scooters. You can avail handsome discounts when ordering online. Shipment is generally nominally charged and quite speedy. Some companies offer expert guidance to select the appropriate devices for hand controls according to personal requirement. Blogs, public forum and social network offers useful suggestions as well as authentic customer experience. Those who have movement disability benefit tremendously from these control aids. For them self driven vehicles are a dream come true. So, you see, you need not be disheartened and depend on others to enjoy a free and independent life.

A mobility scooter is a wonderful innovation which brings a smile to millions of people. Hand controls for physically challenged people encourage them to lead a better life.

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