E-cigarette: Making Smoking a Innocuous Habit

Posted by Johny Dean on September 2nd, 2014

In a world where alternatives to everything is more than just available, an alternative to tobacco products is in the realm of possibilities. With nicotine consumption taxing the health of individuals in equal measures around the world, the need for an alternative smoking stick that truncate the health impact of the same grew stronger over generations. While filter stubs failed to absorb the health-disturbances, health-specialists together with the manufacturers molded out e-cigarette from their counters. This product earned world-wide attention at the very first appearance in the market. Giving smokers a cheaper and less-harmful alternative to the cancer-causing addiction, e-cig products have given users complete freedom from cancer-triggering elements of their paper counterparts.

However, smokers who are too smug with the substance started to express skepticism about the product, considering the strength of nicotine shot they contain. Clarifying all doubts, an e-cigarette is the same as its tobacco counterpart, only without the toxic elements. The electronic versions are manufactured with the same recipe, except that tar, carbon monoxide and tobacco have been eliminated. As a result, an e-cig does not produce ash, whereas the level of nicotine remains unaltered as the normal cigarettes. Talking about the cost, the cigarettes have cartridges that need to be refilled after exhaustion, the cost of which is tantamount to a whole package of regular cigarettes.

So, what would last an avid smoker a day can be used for a much prolonged period of time, with e-cigarette products. Medically speaking, these products have proven to be ‘much safer’ substitutes to the paper rolls because of the reduced toxicity that has been made possible with the nicotine replacement products. It has been scientifically proven that an e-cig contains carcinogenic substances thousand times lesser that their traditional variety. That said, it is not wrong to conclude that these items are far less harmful while they give the users the same taste and relaxation.

These products are soon to replace the older variety of cigarettes and in a few years time, it can be estimated that the only cigarette known to the world would be the non-toxic kind. This prediction is based on the fact that doctors have recognize e-cigarette to pose zero threats of cancer as opposed to the earlier forms that actually sows the seeds of cancer in human bodies and nurtures it until it sprouts out full to erode all other organs until the person is reduced to the eye of a newt and tongue of a toad. Noticing the success with which these products have been spread out and circulated in the market, experts are of the opinion that buyer base is rapidly growing wide. In fact, with these cigarettes, the pressure of quitting has been completely negated.

People have received special permission by which they can smoke indoor. An e-cigarette produces less about of smoke and lesser risk of polluting up the environment for others, especially women and children. So, if you ate still in a dilemma about your smoking habits, switch to e-cig today.

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