Is Sauna Good or Bad for Hemorrhoids?

Posted by romen on January 18th, 2021

Hemorrhoids are a problem of dilated veins in the lower rectum. In the anal area, so-called hemorrhoids form, bleeding. The disease progresses gradually-starting with mild discomfort and ending with severe bleeding, swelling and prominent nodular cavernous bodies, and massive blood loss.

The main reasons for this are weakening of ligaments and reduced elasticity of blood vessel walls. During natural emptying, the vein walls thin and become damaged (especially in the case of constipation). This is due to lack of exercise (especially for sedentary people), venous insufficiency, genetic susceptibility, and improper diet after delivery.

What should you do in sauna room if you have this problem?

As you know, hot air promotes vasodilation. However, healthy veins are very different from unhealthy veins. Therefore, veins that are dilated due to hemorrhoids are difficult to contract after relaxation. Facts have proved that an increase in body temperature leads to greater expansion of the veins, which leads to the development of venous insufficiency. This is why in the case of acute symptoms, experts recommend not to relax in the sauna room.

The alarming symptoms of hemorrhoids are as follows:

l  Anal itching and burning;

l  Bleeding, especially after defecation (stool);

l  Acute periodic or persistent pain in the anus;

l  Eating spicy food, bread, raw meat and fish (such as raw beef and sushi), the pain symptoms worsen after alcohol;

l  Anal pain after prolonged sitting.

If a person with hemorrhoids uses a sauna, the biggest risk that may occur is thrombosis. In the context of dehydration, the blood thickens, which can have serious consequences for the entire body.

What if you still go to the sauna room with hemorrhoids?

l  Heavy bleeding may occur.

l  Blood loss may cause dizziness.

l  Exposure to high temperatures will increase blood pressure.

l  Chronic congestion may develop in the pelvic area, which reduces the chances of a quick recovery. Even if hemorrhoids are not disturbed during the bath, they may worsen within a few hours or the next day.

l  Under the influence of high temperature, hemorrhoids can grow more dynamically.

l  Disruption of blood circulation in the pelvic area can lead to other diseases (eg genitals).

l  Not only will the pain not subside in the bathtub, but it will also develop.

Damaged hemorrhoids are "open wounds" with a high risk of infection and are easy to "pick up" in the sauna. Unconsciously, people may swim in the swimming pool or jacuzzi, triggering a greater inflammation.

Sauna and prevention of hemorrhoids

Although it is clearly prohibited to go to the sauna to treat hemorrhoids, the sauna will still help prevent the development of future diseases:

Contrast procedures help strengthen blood vessels;

Any physical activity, especially swimming in a swimming pool, will help prevent congestion of the small pelvis;

Sauna is a healthy lifestyle. If a person goes to the sauna regularly and does not drink or smoke, this will greatly reduce the risk of hemorrhoids;

Hemorrhoids, sauna and psychotherapy

Experts in the field of psychotherapy point out that the cause of hemorrhoids is not just physical problems. The rectum and large intestine are responsible for finance, control and strength. Hemorrhoids can occur when a person is under constant pressure due to family financial status.

Moreover, inflammation of the lymph nodes can bother those who maniacally want to control all aspects of their activities and loved ones. Try to solve the problem from the perspective of psychotherapy-relax often and focus on positive emotions, and the sauna will help.

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