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Posted by empirepopcorn on September 2nd, 2014

There are countless examples out there, some blindingly obvious and others just plain weird but they do exist. Cheese and crackers are a prime example, tuna and mayo and even steak and eggs. When it comes to the sweeter side of things you have the obvious, hot fudge cake and ice cream. There’s even a mixture of sweet and savoury in what appears to be a top kept secret favourite with French fries and milkshake but what exactly are we talking about here? We’re talking about the perfect pairings for your favourite foods.

Ask a pregnant woman and you may be given downright wrong answers but ask the majority on the street and you’ll no doubt be given a few of the same twice, thrice and even four times over. The question we want to know is, amongst the number of perfect food pairings, what’s considered the perfect partner to one of our favourite snacks here in the UK? Delicious popcorn, loved by kids and big kids alike, is the perfect accompaniment to any film night but what goes with popcorn to make it even more desirable than it already is?


Not as common knowledge as some may think but wine it would seem has a special place next to our favourite corn snack. Apparently best served with sweet popcorn or even the buttery kind. It can’t be just any old wine, the recommended kind is actually Prosecute or Cava, even Champagne if the wallet allows. You’ll find the crisp refreshing flavour a glorious contrast to the crisp of the buttery or sweet popcorn.


Even Rochelle Hums from The Saturdays is a self confessed fan of this perfect pairing though she very humbly credits her band mate Frankie for the idea. Malt easers it would seem are the absolute perfect addition when it comes to mixing popcorn. It’s advisable to warm your popcorn first and then add copious amounts of the chocolate and malt snack. The heat from the popcorn very seductively melts the chocolate for the perfect late night snack!!


Last but by no means is least the rather superb sugary snack that is candyfloss. There’s no better partner if you’re really after a trip down memory lane to the days of being a child at the fair. Enjoy absolutely any flavour popcorn and find the crunchy texture perfectly paired with the light and fluffy sugary stuff.

There’s something for everyone so no matter what your taste you’ll find the perfect partner for your popcorn. Did you know there are also a number of new original and gourmet flavours of popcorn too? At Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company you can find popcorn available in flavours from Hot Madras to Spicy Thai. With a number of different options from sweet to savoury there’s something new and exciting to try for everyone.

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