Detailed installation method of shower room

Posted by aihw on January 19th, 2021

 Fixing method of shower room frame

 Find the correct position and make the hole

The first step in the installation of the shower room is to find a location, punch holes, and then fix the frame. More tools are needed for position finding and drilling, and the operation is more complicated.

1. Determine the drilling position: use tape measure + pen

The shower room must be fixed. The fixing method is generally to use screws to leave the holes on the aluminum alloy frame on the wall. All that needs to be done is to mark the corresponding position on the wall. The method is to put the frame on the wall, make sure the position is correct with a tape measure, and then mark the wall with a pencil.

2. Hole drilling: use percussion drill

   The first step: After setting the position, the next step is to punch. Punching is also divided into two steps. First, use a circular percussion drill to make a shallower hole at the marked position on the wall.

Construction tips: Because the bathroom wall has been covered with bricks, it is relatively hard. To make drilling easier, you can wet the drill bit. In addition, you can pour some water while drilling. Step 2: After punching the prototype marking hole, the next step is to use a spiral drill with stronger impact. On the basis of the shallower holes that have been punched, make a deeper hole.

3. Install rubber pellets: use a hand hammer

Before screwing the screws into the wall, you need to install the expansion rubber particles in the holes first, the rubber particles can better tighten the screws. Use a hand hammer to knock the rubber particles into the hole.

4. Fixed frame: use electric screwdriver

   After the above steps are completed, you can install the shower room frame, put the bottom frame on the water retaining strip, and then fix the frame. The method is to use an electric screwdriver to drive the screws into the wall to fix the frame.

After fixing the frame, the next step is to install the glass and top frame of the shower room. If the installation is not careful, it is easy to have problems such as not being able to align it and leaving seams.

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