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Posted by wecanmedia on September 3rd, 2014

The Panda algorithm looks for high quality content but just what is it looking for and how does it deem content to be high quality. A more important question may be… what in the world can we do to befriend the bear? To get the most expert advice we went straight to Wecan Media, an SEO agency based in Liverpool to find out what we can do to get the nod from this particular bear.

To help us get to the bottom of this we asked Wecan Media, what does Panda measure and what can we do about it. Craig, their SEO expert explained there are multiple factors such as thin content, duplicate copy andeven imagery. It’s important to look at it all instead of one area but to make things simpler; he’s broken them down for us.

Thick/thin content

A lot of websites got penalised on this because they had broken their content down and spaced it out over a few pages leaving some with just a few sentences each. One recent study revealed that you needed roughly 1500-2500 words per page to rank on page 1. It could be as easy as going through your website and condensing multiple pages to one. It doesn’t have to mean a giant long page of content as some can be hidden, waiting to be revealed via tabs.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is something that Google simply won’t tolerate and it searches specifically for this. This can be tackled by shaking things up a notch. When creating an e-press release for example, don’t just copy and paste content from your website or from the manufacturer’s website. Re-write things and make them different. There are a number of tools on the Internet that can check your content for plagiarism and help make sure it’s unique.

Imagery and the quality

Everyone loves images but Google doesn’t like the same images everywhere. If you have big original pictures then great but if you display the same product shot as everyone else, that’s not great. Understandably a travel agent couldn’t be expected to fly out and photograph each hotel, as that’s expensive and time consuming. Likewise with someone selling the same item as others, it’s a little difficult to get original product shots of each. Changing to Jpeg or shrinking the pixels won’t work either but what you can do is create collage images. Use Photoshop and make new images that consist of others. Make them large too; no one likes a thumbnail image they can barely focus on.

Craig was quick to remind us that getting the panda on side involved the help of not just a professional SEO Agency but a great web design team too, like his at Wecan Media in Liverpool. If you’re looking for help with the dreaded Panda then an SEO AGENCY such as Wecan Media could be just what you need.

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