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Posted by zemesangel on January 19th, 2021

Order medical marijuana strains online at PotDagga marijuana dispensary in USA. We sell cannabis strains, concentrates, pre-filled cartridges at the best prices.

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Our store offers convenience and an abundance of options, giving you everything you need to shop to your fullest content. We do provide the finest quality medical marijuana products with international shipping. We sell a wide variety of Weed Strains, Hash, Cannabis Concentrates, Edibles, and Vape Cartridges.

Product Quality

What you put into your body determines the state of your health, so we've ensured that every product you can find on our store has been produced with careful hands, bred using the best practices, and has gone through various levels of review to confirm its quality.

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We don't share any information with other parties, and your order will be packaged discreetly. We help you maintain anonymity and our packaging prevents Courier service from knowing the contents of the shipment.


A Sativa-dominant hybrid known for the golden hue of its green and/or brownish buds. This old strain is said to produce a powerful cerebral high that raises one's mood without producing overpowering feelings of happiness. Instead, the cerebral high mixes with a calming body high for a relaxing experience. Mild paranoia and anxiety have also been reported. Users may experience dry mouth and eyes as well as headaches from using the strain.

Sufferers of disorders such as General Anxiety Disorder or PTSD use this strain to find relief from stress and anxiety. Those dealing with depression use it to lift their mood. The body high can also relieve chronic aches and pains. Buy Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain

Also pretty hard to find because it's difficult to grow indoors, but it's popular throughout the United States, especially in warmer climes. Best used to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, but also good for insomnia and headaches, as well as some mental disorders. Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain can be especially powerful, with THC levels as high as 24%. It has a distinct earthy flavor and aroma, with a taste of chestnut and tea leaves. As with most strains, the most likely adverse effects are dry eyes and dry mouth.

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