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Weight loss programs

A slim silhouette offers several advantages to the owner. Better well-being, enthusiastic appearance, lightness, awareness of the strength to achieve goals. Not only can weight loss in Truskavets be effective, it can also be easy. Indeed, in the sanatoriums of the resort town, the attention of vacationers is not focused on diets, tasteless products, calorie counting. Vacationers are filled with wonderful things, they walk a lot, go on excursions, breathe air. At the same time, they participate in biological regeneration treatments: massages, body compresses, Charcot's shower, pearl and mineral baths, and intestinal flushing. All this under the supervision of caring doctors and an individually developed nutritional program. Weight loss in Truskavets can be a real breakthrough, make a dream come true and make you believe - you can easily say goodbye to extra pounds.

Weight loss tours in Truskavets

If you want to lose weight in Truskavets, you don't have to wander around the city looking for the right place. The best slimming spas are listed on our website. There are special wellness tours for weight loss in Truskavets. Typically such trips consist of a 10-24 day program. Each program begins with a visit to the doctor who will then be assigned to vacationers.

The therapist conducts an examination, measures the exact weight, and reads the medical documentation.

Below is an exact Body Mass Index calculation to determine the ideal weight for a patient. The percentage of adipose and muscle tissue, their percentage ratio is determined.

After that, an individual nutrition program and procedure is prescribed.

After the examination, the procedures for normalizing body weight begin. Food contains exactly the necessary products for the body, calories are monitored. Contrary to home diets, slimming in Truskavets does not require holidaymakers to constantly calculate the caloric content of the food they eat. Instead, you need to focus on relaxing and enjoying the energy of nature. Doctors count calories.

Choosing a weight loss program in Truskavets sanatoriums, you can be sure of full medical support. Indeed, specialized doctors work in each sanatorium - you can get advice from a gynecologist or nutritionist, endocrinologist or surgeon.

Weight loss program in Truskavets

The program itself usually includes the following procedures:

Sharko shower. The procedure has been known for a long time, but is still used in sanatoriums due to its effectiveness. It is both medical and cosmetological. The jet stream of water is directed to essential parts of the body. The water temperature changes, creating a contrast, which also has a positive effect on the elimination of cellulite. The procedure takes up to ten minutes. Don't forget to bring a bathing suit and a positive attitude, and prepare a farewell speech for the orange peel. After all, you can lose weight in Truskavets with Sharko after two or three treatments!

Underwater shower with massage. Massage is also done with a stream of water, but already under water. Thanks to hydro massage, blood circulation is improved, fatty tissue is reduced, excess lymph is removed from the body. Thanks to the underwater massage, you can lose up to four kilograms after completing the weight loss program in Truskavets.

Intestinal lavage. It helps to get rid of toxins and toxins, cleanse the body, normalize metabolism. This is done with the help of mineral waters.

Wraps With the help of healing mud, honey, algae, lymph is removed from the body, the nodules are smoothed, the skin becomes smooth.

Physiotherapeutic exercises. Morning exercises, fitness programs, yoga. Physical education helps to improve blood circulation, improves heart function, allows you to lose weight. It also normalizes the mental state, helps to calm down, recover from chronic fatigue and stress.

Treatment of mineral water. Carpathian waters are known for their digestive properties. In Truskavets, holidaymakers can drink them as much as they want. No bleach or harmful substances present in the waters of large cities. Each sip of water fills health and rejuvenates, helps to reduce weight and achieve a healthy pink glow.

Psychotherapy If overweight is the cause of stress, internal problems, insecurity, addiction, the therapist will help you understand it. Specialist consultations are also included in the weight loss program.

How to lose weight in Truskavets? In addition to the weight loss program, take a walk, take excursions, listen to birds singing, the sound of mountain rivers. Horse riding and biking, mountain climbing and visiting castles. All of this has a positive effect on spiritual health.

If positive emotions are not enough, a person often draws them from fatty meat, french fries, sweet cakes. You will not want to stress yourself with cookies, watch movies with fries - you will not want to receive the pleasure hormones from eating in Truskavets . After all, nature itself will contribute to weight loss, giving you positive emotions. Filling up with the wonderful walls of the sanatorium, each evening holidaymakers will have a lunch of healthy products with the necessary calories

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