Simple Panel Designs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Posted by rs on January 19th, 2021

Animal Crossing: Realistic activities in New Horizons have always been a favorite of players. We can plant flowers, plant trees, fish, find fossils, etc. in the game. You can also be like a small boss and open a restaurant or coffee shop. You can also decorate your own walls and windows, and you can decorate a special location for watching movies. We can see the creativity of many players, from cliffs to beaches, the entire island allows players to play to their fullest.

Booth menu
Simple panels are mainly used for menus. You can design a menu with pictures of ramen, along with presentations and prices showing different ramen. You can also design a soft and cute ice cream appearance to make the hot summer extra cool. The fake sushi menu should be the favorite of Japanese players, and its design can fully show the Japanese style of your island. To make a cafe with your own style, you can design the appearance with flowers, decorate your tables, chairs, and coffee cups.

Interior design
Simple panels with artificial walls are also very suitable, especially during festivals. The holiday-style wall, decorated with flowers and festive items, is also very interesting. Designing a wall with your style and the corresponding atmosphere for your cafe and restaurant is also very beautiful. Of course, the shelves in bars and restaurants can also be designed with simple panels to be more realistic. Combining items such as a Throwback racing bed and popcorn machine to make yourself more atmosphere when watching movies, do you like a quiet or dynamic feel?

Information display
In addition to the display of item information, the design of the Dodo Airlines timetable is also very practical. Near the airport, the place to display seats and vending machines is a good choice. When used on skyscrapers, it will give people a sense of urban advertising, which is very real and may have the beauty of combining urban and rural areas. The same design of the entrance of the museum with some fish and fossil models is also very representative.

Many items in the game can be purchased through Bells or Nook Mile, using DIY recipes. But different colored borders and content can allow players to customize the design. Go to Buy ACNH Items at How would you design your simple panel and where would you place it?

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