How to Work in Singapore as an Immigrant

Posted by vendelajar on September 5th, 2014

Whether you will live in Singapore for short term or long term, rules applicable on the immigrants will apply on you too. Like every country, Singapore also has laid down certain rules and regulations to maintain safety of the society and integrity of their culture.

Even though Singapore has adopted the global lifestyle and modern ways of living but it has maintained their culture as well by strictly following the law and regulations maintain under the civil and criminal law in Singapore. They do not differ between the locals, immigrants or the travelers if a person is found to be toying around with the laws over here.

If a person is found to be not following the law or breaking it in any manner, he or she will be arrested under the law of Singapore, tried for the case and punished properly under the criminal law. Therefore if you are looking forward to come over here and work in Singapore as well as live as an immigrant, make sure that you are well aware of the basic things. Some of the things you must be aware while in Singapore are:

Drug abuse: using, selling or mere possession of drugs of any kind is punishable in Singapore and can even lead to death penalty. Hence if you are habitual of snuffing, puffing or injecting than leave your habits in your country unless until you want to have a visit to the police station and the shooting squad.

Drunk driving: okay, some of you might have done it at least once in your life after a fun party at your friend’s resident but no more. Drunk driving in Singapore is liable for imprisonment for at least 10 years as per criminal law in Singapore.

Do not litter around: if you are habitual of throwing a paper or wrapper while walking in the street or leaving your plastic cup after enjoying that coffee in the public park or anywhere in public, avoid it. It is forbidden to litter around in Singapore and is punishable by canning in public.

Forget chewing gum: selling or buying chewing gum is banned. If you are carrying one with you, make sure to wrap it in a paper after chewing and throw it in the dustbin otherwise switch to mints.

Apart from these general ones, there various laws and regulations applicable on every person in Singapore as per criminal law in Singapore. So make sure to keep them in mind and follow them to avoid issues.

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