Why Is It Necessary for the Travelers to Focus on Law?

Posted by vendelajar on September 5th, 2014

When a person travels to a foreign country, he often wishes to have fun and enjoy the stay over there. The thought of getting caught into some criminal activity or being arrested by the police hardly crosses our mind. Some of us may even keep on following the rules which are applicable in our own country and not in the one we are.

This can often end people up in serious troubles which no one wishes to have on holiday or on a business tour. Almost all the eastern and south eastern countries are far different than the western ones, not only in lifestyle but also in the basic laws and regulations.

What is legal in your country may not be considered legit in Singapore like in some countries it is not punishable to litter around the city, but in Singapore it is. Even spitting on the road is considered a punishable offence no matter if you are a traveler or a local.

Therefore blindly following something and saying later that you were not aware of the rules or laws in this country because you are a traveler are not an acceptable excuse.  You must be familiar with the Singapore criminal law as well as the civil law since it will keep you from getting into all kinds of troubles.

Learning about the laws is not a rocket science. You can easily get detailed information from different travel websites and other travel help centers. If you are coming over here in Singapore for the first time, try to keep these things in mind:

Read about the laws: you must read in detail about the laws applicable on immigrants, foreigners or travelers coming over here. Some of the laws are different for the travelers but not at all easy.

Talk to travel planner: ask your travel planner about the things you need to be careful about in Singapore to make sure you are safe legally speaking.

Avoid black marketing or gray marketing: it is lucrative enough to get branded stuff at dirt cheap prices, but refrain yourself from it. It can lead you to difficult situations. Always ask for the bill with your purchase.

You must not engage into anything which is not considered legal as per Singapore criminal law. You must not hire underage prostitutes, have forceful sexual relations, buy or sell drugs and carry illegal documents or fake documents. If you are coming over here in a business trip consult your legal advisor for further help.

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