What Design Tips can help to build up Brand Identity?

Posted by Michael Saly on January 19th, 2021

Brand Building using DRTV — Eicoff

Brand identity is a vital thing, and through this, customers get to know details of brand product or service. The identity should influence the customers, and they would remember the business by its identity. So, the website design is the first impression of your brand when a customer visits the website for the first time. To maximise customers' stay time on the website, it is the design that should be engaging. With millions of websites and unique ideas, you have to hire professionals to create the best website designs for your brand and boost its identity to the next level. 

It is important to pick the right elements for your website design and its layout. It should not be a noisy or messy one but should create a lasting impact on visitors. When you hire experts of Web design in Dublin, it should make the website look great and enable the customers to communicate with the products. The following tips shall help you how to play with elements on the website. 

Make the Most of Colour Wheel

Therefore, every colour should evoke a story, affect visitors the way they experience or take your brand. The colour theory should instil emotional responses that would remain for long in visitors' minds whenever it reminds of your brand. Try to play with colours and make them relevant to the service of your brand. 

Try to choose some primary colours on the website that have a dominating character and make the visitors think before leaving the website. The experts of Web designing Dublin are great in handling this and create a unique website from the rest. Make titles, subheads and backgrounds catchy enough to attract visitors towards your brand. 

Use the Power of White Space 

Though it is good to have available space on a website with content, white space's importance is also great and helps get better attention rates. Customers can retain the visual impact of a website if it has attractive graphics and images. Try to put the images leaving big white space as it would make the image and content catchy. 

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