Ways To Wind Down After A Long Day At Work

Posted by Mike Ross on January 19th, 2021

We have all tried different ways to ease up tense shoulders and muscles after a tough day at work. Sometimes we just end up taking naps and feel even worse about not having time for the self. Unwinding does not mean just taking rest, its more of a sense of spiritual relaxation for the mind and body.

No matter how much you love your work, its important that you give time for yourself to unwind and relax. When we were younger going home meant getting to play more, rather than going straight to bed, which is what most people think of adult life.

When if give less time for ourselves we lose hobbies and interests that make us who we are. Here are a few things you can follow to unwind after a tough days’ work:

1.Changing into more comfortable clothes

By changing into comfortable clothes like pyjamas, soft t-shirts, and loose clothes, you’re telling your brain to relax. You will immediately feel more laid back and calm. A shower before you settle in can also help immensely. Now, due to COVID-19, a bath after work is even more preferable after you come home to your luxury apartments in Bangalore.

2.Reduce screen time.

Being on your computer or your phone all day will take a toll on your eyes. Give your brain a break, try exercising or yoga to stretch out stiff muscles. If you’re not a fan of working out pick up a book or even an audiobook! It’s a perfect way to get your mind off of work-related matters.

3.Play music and light candles!

Make your home feel cosier and more comfortable. Play music of your choice, something that you can relax to. Music therapy and aromatherapy are an evidence-based intervention that affects your mood and health. So, use what’s around you to enhance your experience.

4.Engage in hobbies.

Do what you enjoy. Don’t let work swamp you from doing non-work-related things that interest you. Find what activity or engagement refreshes and relaxes you. These small interests that are just done for fun & rejuvenation, and not taken seriously, will help you relax effortlessly. There’s no better way to wind down than to have fun and enjoy the little things.

After coming home from work, we are all tempted to kick off our shoes and lay in front of the TV, but by doing so we’re making things worse for ourselves. There are loads of other things that would help you relax better that you’re missing out on by being lazy. So, before you go into couch-potato mode think of what’s best for you and what your body deserves! Follow these things daily to wake up in a better mood in the following morning.

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