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Posted by alisonreid29 on September 7th, 2014

We all want to be clicked and we all want to click. But, what after that? Well, you can say arranging the pictures neatly in photo albums or uploading them in your social networking site profile. But again is that all? Well, there is a better way to display those lovely moments of your life, you can photo canvas them. You can use the Polaroid canvas print technique to create creative photo collections too. Who makes them is easy to find. Search online, find a suitable house that is creatively competent and place the order with your specifications and creative inputs.

A few fantastic and offbeat ideas to use photo canvases for interior decoration are as follows:

             Take a wall of your living room and hang Polaroid canvas prints in various shapes featuring pictures of your family members in various moods. The canvas can be in black and white or in colour.

             You can design the photographs in strips, enlarge them, and put them on one wall like wallpaper.

             You can print the face of your family members and put them in an asymmetric collage on your main door.

             You can present collages to your near and dear ones.

             You can print them in the shape of coasters, greeting cards etc to give the photos a creative twist.

The photo canvas ideas are economic and, thanks to the online shopping spree you can surprise gift them to anybody you want. You can display the photographs in the Polaroid canvas print outdoors too, in your patio or backyard. If you are planning a different kind of a birthday, make a canvas with photographs in various shapes and sizes of the person and display it all around. Choose the water based background material than the paper ones, they last longer. Frame the photos right to keep them safe.

Once you get your photo canvases, you have to take care of them too. Clean the surface at regular intervals and keep them in a place where light is optimum but warmth is pleasant. The online websites that help you with Polaroid canvas print are fascinating because you can design your own canvas the shape, size, hue and colour you want, personalise them with a message from your part and save it for them to cart on payment.

The photo canvases that you order online are usually made up of 100% cotton material and printed by HD printers. The photographs are protected from scratch, dust, water and smoke by giving them a layer of UV coating which acts as a shield. The provisions of hangers are provided too. You can use them for commercial purposes as well. Offices are great places to canvas your company’s achievement in a creative way in the lobby, for instance. You can exhibit your artwork in this format as well. In addition, you can send souvenirs by making canvases of, for example, your hometown to your childhood friend who does not live there anymore. So, harness your creativity and make wonders with Polaroid canvas print.

Create your own design and then order online for the best photo canvases. Explore your creative sense and come up with great ideas for Polaroid canvas print.

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