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Posted by jennycooper on September 7th, 2014

Do you want to surf the Web safely, without worrying that sensitive information about yourself could get in the wrong hands? This is possible as long as you use a proxy IP address or an anonymous IP. With the help of such address, Internet users can encrypt their Internet connection and surf the Web in a safe manner.

A proxy IP address is the Internet protocol address of an intermediary that provides a connection between your computer and the website or websites that you visit. By using the IP address of a proxy server, you would provide websites not with your actual IP address, but with the address of that proxy server.

This way, your online identity would be protected and you would be able to browse websites without providing sensitive information like your geographic location or Internet service provider. Websites say that they need this kind of information for statistical purposes, but can you trust all of them?

And even if websites do speak the truth, there are always Internet criminals that can easily steal information online by using highly trustworthy websites that are not associated with them. In other words, all that Internet users have to do is to enter a poorly protected website that provides information to a third party, without even knowing it.

To benefit from an anonymous IP, Internet users need to download a software program. And because nothing comes for free, they would have to pay a small amount of money to get the program. Compared to what an Internet criminal could do after stealing your online identity, no price is too high.

A program like this should be used on any electronic device you use to access the Internet, because Internet criminals are very skilled and can find you if you make a mistake. Therefore, if you own a notebook computer and also a tablet, make sure to get the software for both of your devices to protect your identity to the maximum.

Also, pay attention to the requirements of the program that you need to download to protect your online identity. Some programs work well on MacBooks, while others are destined to Windows users. Make sure to purchase the software program that will work for your devices.

Villains are very creative. Luckily, software programs designed to keep them away are usually one step ahead of them. To be certain your electronic device is protected against Internet theft, make sure to get updates for the programs you have already downloaded.

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