Should I Represent Myself in an Uncontested Divorce?

Posted by jjlawfl on January 19th, 2021

If you are considering divorce no doubt you began to notice many things; from sidewalk signs to internet advertisements, divorce seems to come really cheap if you do it yourself. But, should you take the bait? Family law attorney in Orlando Florida will agree to this truth, what starts off as a friendly endeavor can lead to disaster and more often than not person who decide to file on their own find themselves in a real bind later on no matter what.

It is pretty normal to feel things will be ok; that you and your ex have come to terms with the divorce, you each feel like you have been treated fairly and the property is settled and most importantly kids are great. But, still know this. Divorcing couples will be required to follow the same rules if they represent themselves, just as attorneys would need to follow. Human nature also tells us that emotion can be changed at any time and what started out as peaceful can become fiery.

For example, one of many local cases involve a couple who had two children together. Despite having very good financial means, the couple decided to do a divorce themselves. The man and woman each wrote out what was their property and what they could give each other in the process. They each spelled out a joint custody parenting plan for their children and truly thought all areas were a done deal. The divorce contract was granted and each sought to move on as friends.

It was not until three years later when one of the “ex’s” started dating again. That’s when the problems arose. At that time, the non-dating ex began a reign of control by using the very terms that were agreed upon by the couple at one time. This created so much chaos and fear the children had to go through mental health therapy to deal with the situation and each were stressed beyond belief. Injunctions were issued and the children missed time with loving parents. Furthermore, a very costly endeavor had to be paid for by obtaining an attorney to amend the divorce agreement by fixing words in the agreement and making it more fair to each party. It was not until after over a year when the emotional pain and financial drain was able to slow.

The old adage says, “he who represent himself, has a fool for a client.” You will find that a family law attorney Clermont FL is able to help you as little or as much as you would like to keep cost down. They are such a great resource too, and can give you the ins and outs of any divorce. Reach out to a family law attorney now to discuss your options and rights.


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