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NicoPengin – Full of a Vivid Imagination with the Antidote for Civilization. NicoPengin is a gamer tag that was inspired by a human named Nico. He showed him how to play multiple sports when he was younger. The best way to honor him was to mix his name with Pengin. He was an avid reader since he was a kid. His imagination runs truly wild as his favorite book series is Redwall by the late and great Brian Jacques, who wrote for blind children and used descriptions very vividly. He has been writing since he was very young. Find out more by visiting his website at and you will be happy that you did!

What is vivid imagination? It is the ability to create a reality that out of your imagination. This ability is also called "mind viewing" or "mind imagining." It is one of the core skills needed to overcome phobias, improve your life and even to get yourself or another to see things differently than you do.

There is no specific, accepted, scientific definition of vivid imaginations. Some people think it is an ability to get into an alternate universe where there are no rules, and you are free to do anything. Some people refer to it as your "sixth sense," others as "a mind filter," still others call it "spiritual development" or "a connection to your higher self."

The only thing all agree on is that vivid imagination allows you to imagine a different you and create an entirely new experience. To develop your vivid imagination, you first need to learn about and unleash your creative energy. You can do this by repeating positive statements, visualization exercises, mantras, or spiritual practices such as meditation. You have to take time out to be comfortable with what is happening to your body and to your mind. The more receptive you are to your environment, the more you can unlearn fear related to imagined threats.

If you want to unleash your imagination and bring it into alignment with your real world, you have to stop seeing the world through the lenses of distorted and limiting beliefs. When you learn how to let go of the defenses that are protecting you from taking chances and living in the moment, you will be able to imagine a different future. Visualizing things in fanciful ways helps you focus and make decisions. If you allow these defenses to interfere with your creativity, you will become paralyzed by the fear of not living up to expectations. You cannot learn how to use your imagination until you break free of any defense mechanism that is keeping you from being open, creative, and fearless.

Here are some examples of situations where it is helpful to imagine a different outcome: If you are playing a dangerous game of hide and seek, visualize the place where you think the suspect might hide. If you are afraid of heights, imagine jumping off a tall mountain. If you are afraid of an upcoming flight, imagine being lost and wandering aimlessly through a jungle. If you feel anxious when entering a new room, picture yourself walking through book it without a guide. You might want to rehearse some of these scenarios in front of a video and get a feel for the effect that visual imagination has on our brains.

This technique is useful because imagination is a powerful resource that enables us to act after we have been conditioned to avoid it. For example, if you were given a list of things that you are afraid of doing, but you know in your subconscious that those things are really dangerous, you can use imagination to combat this problem. When you imagine yourself doing the thing that is fearful, you can distract your mind away from the fear, allowing you to proceed with the task. You can also use imagination to respond to the unlearning of fear associated with the thing that you fear, as well.

Imagination is a powerful tool, and the ability to visualize things that aren't there is known as vivid imagination. However, just because you visualize something in your mind's eye, it does not mean that it is going to materialize. You can get frustrated because you cannot conjure up a clear image, and it can be frustrating to do this for long periods of time. However, this need not be a problem. If you take some time out and relax, you can clear your mind, visualize a new situation, and then bring that image into your mind, and then allow your imagination to take over. Now that you know a little more about a vivid imagination, it is time to go back over to the NicoPengin to explore yours.

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