Loose Leaf Tea Helps the Environment

Posted by tegaorganictea on September 8th, 2014

Are you thinking about switching from tea bags to loose leaf tea? If so, there are many reasons to enjoy the transition. For example, by switching, you will be helping to sustain the environment. Smart and savvy home owners often prefer to buy loose leaf tea for several benefits. When using tea bags, you might notice that your tea has the taste of packaging paper. Additionally, there is less space for the tea leaves to unfurl and spread their natural form, which restricts flavor and aroma.

When you buy loose leaf tea, you are paying solely for the product. Moreover, loose tea is superior since you only pay for the tea itself and not all the packaging; thus, avoiding a virtually resource intensive process. It is a more chosen method, because most high quality teas are typically only available in loose packaging. Most of the top companies will only offer their top varieties in loose packaging.

As you brew large-leaf whole-leaf teas in a mug, or teapot, the aroma is exotic and tempting. Tega Organic Tea offers Red Rooibos Loose Tea and Green Rooibos Loose Tea at quite affordable prices online. Tega Organic Tea is a destination for tea lovers to acquire most authentic teas ranging from herbal tea, caffeine free tea to rooibos tea. You will feel relaxed and refreshed with the indigenous herbal infusions and aromatic taste. Tega tea is a company that is Fair Trade Certified by Fairtrade Canada. They are also a part of a larger Fair Trade community, and they are passionate about making the world a better place. Together, they are bringing new ideas and perspectives to the table.

Rooibos tea is their specialty at Tega Organic Tea. It is derived from the Rooibos shrub and is primarily grown in South Africa. The Rooibos shrub has been widely found to be used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions and ailments. It is similar to green and black tea, while having the ability to impact your health in a variety of significantly beneficial ways. Rooibos tea’s health benefits have earned it the reputation as a valuable tea, which has the ability to improve the health and, specifically, certain medical conditions. In addition, rooibos is a caffeine free tea.

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