Is an ADU the Right Choice for All Space Constrained Homes

Posted by Bianchi Builders on January 19th, 2021

With an increasing demand for space in homes across the US, there’s a growing need for the construction of Granny Flats and ADUs. It is a relatively easy way to upgrade a property by adding new space in the form of master bedrooms, living rooms and self-sufficient family suites. In Los Angeles, CA, you can now think of building an ADU in an attached or detached format, adjacent to your existing property. This can help save upon the cost of building a completely new home in a different plot of land. They come in a variety of names, such as Granny Flat, Mother-in-Law suites, etc. Regardless of all the names, an ADU is a legal part of the existing property that helps in increasing the resale value.

Why Would You Want It?

Simply, because of additional living space at home. The maximum size of an ADU can be around 1200 sq. ft. It would contain all the areas in a home, viz; a kitchen, bathroom, dining, living and a bedroom. An ADU is also a great option for renting it out on a monthly basis. So, if you’re planning an ADU conversion in Los Angeles, CA, for your home, always contact a genuine contractor that has got experience. It is like adding a secondary structure to your property. These are the following benefits.

Rental Income - with an ADU construction at your home, you can now think of earning an extra income every month, by the way of renting it out. You can either rent it out to an office or to a family. It can be rented as a secondary house.

Additional Space - an ADU construction in Los Angeles, CA, or for that matter in any part of the world, provides a home with extra living and dwelling space. Since a Granny Flat can be in the range of 450-1200 sq. ft. you can get ample living space for your growing family. It can be done by converting your garage into a spacious master family suite or a room.

Get Resale Value - with an ADU conversion, your home can now get an increased resale value and price appreciation, if you plan to sell it in the future. An increased space allows it to host more family members at any point of time. Thus, increased space for staying, enjoying and moving around freely.

ADU Laws You Need to Know

  • An ADU can be built on the same plot where the house exists.
  • An ADU can be rented out, but cannot be sold independently from the property.
  • The total area of an ADU cannot exceed 1200 sq. ft. both in the case of attached or detached units.
  • A minimum setback of 5 feet is required from the side and from the back in case of a double storey ADU.
  • The applicant or homeowner must provide a complete floor-plan of the existing house and the proposed ADU.
  • The minimum time-frame from getting permission from the local authority is 60 days, until which you cannot start an ADU construction.

Therefore, by going through these points, you can well understand why ADUs have become so important in the present context when space has become such a rare commodity at homes across California state. Not only the aspect of space, an ADU improves the resale value of a property to many folds, when you consider selling it off at a big profit margin. It is because the ADU gives more moving and hosting place at any residential property.

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