3 Important Factors to Consider While Renting a Residential Property

Posted by Aaeesha on September 9th, 2014

As cities like Bengaluru in Karnataka experience a huge increase in business, the demand for a professional workforce is also on the rise. This is resulting in the cost of rental accommodation in the main cities to increase dramatically, and as the demand increases it is forcing many professionals to seek rental accommodation on the outskirts of the cities. Suburbs like Marathalli are a perfect example, but before committing to any house for rent in Marathahalli you need to make sure you understand some of the legalities linked to rental properties to ensure that you safeguard yourself from any unseen complications.

1. Ensure you enter into a rental agreement with the owner

Many tenants in India are avoiding entering into any rental agreements with home owners since they need to commit to follow certain guidelines. This is not advisable since it is considered as an illegal transaction and will not stand in court in your support in case of any problem.

It’s important that the agreement be drawn and also mention important details such as the rental amount, deposits and declaration that you intend to rent the property thus allowing both the homeowner and tenant to plan ahead. The rental agreements must be drawn whether you intend on taking a 1 BHK for rent in Marathahalli or a large independent house. It’s also important to mention any rental increments which may come into play after 11 months or certain duration of time has elapsed. Rental agreements are meant to safeguard both parties making it important to draw and sign after agreement and before occupying a rental property.

2. Take inventory of the residence and photographic evidence of any damage

Before taking possession of any furnished 1 BHK for rent in Marathahalli, you will also need to take inventory with the property owner and note down any broken or damaged items on the property to avoid being blamed for the damaged at a later stage and needing to pay for them. The process could be done by simply writing the damage on a piece of paper and both parties signing or taking photographic evidence and attaching printed copies of the inventory list. The combination of the images and list help determine the exact extent of damage during the time of possession and later when the tenant may be ready to move out of the apartments.

3. Avoid pre-furnished properties

It’s also important to avoid renting pre-furnished properties since this increases the risk of damage to the furniture and other household items and more likely to raise disputes. Many of the furnished property owners will also demand an instant inspection to assess how the furniture and property is being managed making it more complicated to manage these furnished properties.

Also dig up for more tips related property rental tips before deciding on a house for rent in Marathahalli since educating yourself will help you making the best decision and ensure you maintain a good relationship with your landlord during and after your tenancy.

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