The Advantages of Metal Injection Molding(MIM)

Posted by arun on September 9th, 2014

A number of different techniques are used to make metal parts and spare parts for machines and appliances. MIM Metal Injection Molding is a very common process used for this purpose. It enables the production of complex shapes in huge quantities. Fine metal powders are used to be custom formulated with a binder and fed into a feedstock. This process has many similarities with the high pressure die casting process and the plastic injection molding process. The same shapes and configuration features can also be created. But, the parts created by the MIM process are comparatively smaller, and even more complex. Manufacturing such parts usually require extensive machinery, or assembly operations.

The Metal Injection Molding process has got a number of advantages over all other kinds of processes. This process has significantly progressed ever since it was launched, and is now very effective and efficient. It now offers a large number of components, size, alloys, and complexity. Here are a few reasons why the process is so common:

  • Cost effective
  • Highly complex parts can be manufactured in high volume
  • Production time reduced
  • Material wastage is minimum as runners and sprues are recyclable in the house with the net-shape process technology
  • Dimensional tolerance can be controlled
  • Better part to part consistency
  • Mechanical properties of parts are superior to the castings and other processes
  • High sintered density and fine particle sized parts
  • Properties of products are equivalent to wrought alloys
  • A wide range of master alloys and pre-alloys
  • Finishing operations are minimum

MIM Metal Injection Molding is generally used for manufacturing parts that are less than 400 g in weight. Separate parts are manufactured to be consolidated into a single piece. At Dynacast, we have produced our own technique of using this process in the best way possible. We produce parts in high volume and address even the most delicate designs and intricate details. The master tool used at Dynacast applies the multi-side technology and offers a high production rate. The parts-per-minute achieved by this process is above all others.

The engineers at Dynacast are able to offer you the best services. They are well experienced and are experts in their own fields. They work by collaborating with the customers to understand their needs and requirements, and even suggest changes and modifications in the design to achieve maximum benefits. With Metal Injection Molding, you get all your parts manufactured in maximum detail and complexity. The two technologies of powdered metal and plastic injection molding are combined to add the benefits of both. Approach Dynacast to get your parts manufactured, and achieve all benefits and advantages.

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