What To Look For In A Cancer Specialist?

Posted by Northtexascancer on September 10th, 2014

When the diagnosis is cancer, you want the best specialist working by your side to help you fight the disease and win. Finding the best oncologist, however, can be difficult in the whirlwind of activity that tends to follow a diagnosis. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help ensure you have a skilled, experienced and consummate professional heading up your treatment.

Once you are ready to find the right doctor to head up your treatment team, you can help yourself in the search by looking for these characteristics in a doctor and his or her practice:

· Experience – Cancer is a tricky disease that must be fought with expertise to win. With that in mind, look for a physician that specializes in oncology and has extensive experience in the field. Some doctors work in multi-professional practices, which can add to the depth of knowledge working on your behalf.

· Expertise – This goes beyond experience to also include expertise in overseeing a variety of treatment options. While surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are the most common forms of treatment, the best specialists are also well-versed in other options that might be appropriate in your case. Prostate seed implants, for example, might be indicated for a man facing this form of cancer. If a less invasive form of treatment is feasible, chances are you want a pro who not only understands why this might be preferred, but also how to ensure that it’s performed with expertise.

· Compassion – Even early stage cancer that presents with an incredibly high chance of treatment success can be difficult for patients to face. With that in mind, the best doctors guide care with compassion, always taking time out to explain conditions, options, and procedures in-depth to their patients. It’s important that treatment be handled with care, compassion, and an open line of communication. The best doctors show they are such by making sure patients understand everything that is happening, what is recommended, and the whys behind all decisions.

If it’s time to find a cancer treatment doctor, don’t be afraid to look around for the best. Ideally, you’ll want a doctor by your side that’s knowledgeable and puts you, as a person, first.

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North Texas Cancer Center County is located off HWY 51 in front of the Wise Regional Hospital in Decatur, TX. Our center offers a full line of treatment options for patients who want complete quality care including, but not limited to, on-site IMRT Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy. Like all of our other centers, we have created a patient friendly atmosphere within the clinic and have staffed our clinic with experienced and qualified medical professionals. Our board certified radiation oncologist. Dr. Greg Garrett lives and practices in Decatur with his 30 years of experience and frequently consults with Dr. Gregory Echt. The North Texas Cancer Center of Wise also offers ample and convenient free parking to all of our patients and family members. To get more information you can visit our site http://www.northtexascancercenteratwise.com

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