A Home Cleaning Routine That Everyone Can Benefit From

Posted by Andrew Bain on January 20th, 2021

The outbreak of coronavirus in late 2019 and early 2020 has made people more conscious of germs contamination around them. However, this does not mean that the term has not always been there. Of course, we have always lived alongside microorganisms that could be quite dangerous for a long time now.

A recent study by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that almost 20% of Americans fall sick because of food contamination every year. Another publication by the International Association for Food Protection reported that 50 percent of 100 homes recently studied suffered from foodborne pathogens.

This means that you need to be extra cautious about your home's cleanliness if you wish to reduce the prevalence of germs in your home. Luckily, this article will provide an effective daily cleaning routine that will help you eliminate germs and keep your home sparkling. Read on to find out more about the routine.

Top tips for developing an ideal daily home cleaning routine

Think about all the things you have touched in your home today, starting from the light switch to your phone, the doorknob, etc. These are the things you touch mostly in your house every day. They are known as high traffic areas, and they are one of the most significant breeding grounds for germs.

Tip 1: Disinfect high traffic sections of your home

As mentioned earlier, high traffic areas are very susceptible places for germs and viruses to settle. Fortunately, though, cleaning these places and eliminating the germs is not too difficult. Sometimes, all you need to do is to wipe the surfaces clean.

How to properly disinfect high traffic areas

Ensure to wipe down your doorknobs, faucets, light switches, remotes, keyboards, and other things you frequently touch daily. Do this with a disinfectant before going to bed every night. It would also be best if you formed a habit of always disinfecting your phone each time you come home and after washing your hands.

Tip 2: Wipe down table surfaces and counters

A lot of activities happen at your kitchen table and counters daily. They include preparing dishes, unpacking grocery bags, cutting or chopping food items, etc. Sometimes, people even sit on the table to keep you company when cooking. You can bet that these surfaces get record high germ traffic daily. So, you must clean and disinfect your kitchen tables and counters every day, just as a professional cleaning company would.

How to properly disinfect table surfaces and counters

Wipe down your kitchen countertops with an antibacterial disinfectant daily after your activities in the space. According to a warning from the ACI, directly cutting raw poultry, pork, beef, or fish on top of your kitchen table or countertop can be quite dangerous. Instead, it is recommended to use cutting boards. Also, ensure to clean spills or dirt from your table immediately they drop.

Tip 3: Clean and disinfect your floors

A recent study on environmental pollution has shown that floors are one of the places that contain the highest bacteria levels in American homes. This study stresses the need to always clean and disinfect home floors to reduce infection levels.

How to properly disinfect your floors

Use a mixture of water, soap, and disinfectant to clean your home floor every day. When it comes to effective house cleaning, start from the farthest points in each room and clean towards the exit. This so that you do not step on places you have already cleaned before they dry up.


Many benefits go with cleaning and disinfecting your home daily. They include enhancing your family's health and general wellness, improving the home's comfortability, among many others. This article has discussed some tips to help you develop the best daily home cleaning routine.

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