Here’s What You Can Do to Fight Pregnancy Discrimination in Your Office

Posted by Antollino PLLC on January 20th, 2021

Are you looking for a Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer in NYC that offer Affordable Pregnancy Discrimination in NYC? If so, there will be a host of lawyers that can offer their services but the bigger question is that what can be done in such a scenario where users face discrimination at work and are questioned for getting pregnant. There is no federal or state law that questions the aspect of anyone getting pregnant while at work and any company discriminating employees on that fact is absolutely liable for legal action. The law of the land, especially the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) prohibits any discrimination at work.

The details about law and the employee benefits are talked about during an employee orientation or the on boarding process. It is during this process that the employees learn about the policies and procedures implied by the company to keep employees safe and informed about the laws that govern their work. There is nothing wrong with an employee getting knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities, and so it becomes all the more viable for any person in an office premises to know what their rights and responsibilities are at the place of work.

In case, you have been denied the right at work and can’t be sure of what one needs to do then you should consult a legal advisor that is aware of the task at hand and the information that is required to resolve any matter that requires legal assistance. It is with this in mind that I list down aspects that one must know as part of the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) which governs the functioning of any and every individual in the state. So without further ado, let’s get down to it:

#1 Occasional Breaks to Rest

January 2016 proved to be invaluable for people looking for pregnancy leaves or work while in pregnancy as the law allows pregnant women to take occasional breaks to take rest of drink water.

#2 Change in Work Schedule

It is a given that pregnancy and motherhood takes a toll on you, and so if you need some time off or change in work schedule then the law permits you to get that change done to your schedule easily.

#3 Leaves

When you are pregnant, leaves are required for medical reasons as well as rest too, and the same can be attained because health is happiness.

#4 Light Duty

There are some jobs that may require a light duty while some others may not be of the same nature, and in case you fall in the latter then you have the right to ask your employer for a light duty.

Denying any of these is a violation under law.

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